Customer Service Rep(08235) - 27737 Bouquet Canyon Rd. #134

    Domino's Pizza
    27737 Bouquet Canyon Rd., Suite 134, SAUGUS, CA
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description


    Customer Service Rep(08235) - 27737 Bouquet Canyon Rd. #134

    Job Description

    You got game? You got spring in your step? You want the best job in the world! And schedules that work with you, not against you? That's right, we live to beat the rush and make it possible to make, bake or take pizzas during the hungry hours of the day and night, part or full time. You'll have plenty of time left over for school, hanging with your friends, or whatever. Sound good? Even if you just need a second job for some extra cash, Domino's Pizza is the perfect place for you.
    We are searching for qualified customer service reps with personality and people skills. We're growing so fast it's hard to keep up, and that means Domino's has lots of ways for you to grow (if that's what you want), perhaps to management, perhaps beyond. Whether it's your hobby, main-gig, or supplemental job, drop us a line. We're bound to have just the thing for you.
    Many of our team members began their careers as delivery drivers and today are successful Domino's franchise owners. From customer service representative to management, General Manager to Manager Corporate Operations or Franchisee, our stores offer a world of opportunity.
    Our mission is to recognize, appreciate, value and utilize the unique talents and contributions of all individuals. To create an environment where all team members, because of their differences, can reach their highest potential.
    We take pride in our team members and our team members take pride in Domino's Pizza! Being the best pizza delivery company in the world requires exceptional team members working together. At Domino's Pizza, our people come first!

    You must be 16 years of age or older for in store work. You must be 18 years of age or older for Delivery work.
    General job duties for all store team members
    • Operate all equipment.
    • Stock ingredients from delivery area to storage, work area, walk-in cooler.
    • Prepare product.
    • Receive and process telephone orders.
    • Take inventory and complete associated paperwork.
    • Clean equipment and facility approximately daily.
    Orientation and training provided on the job.
    Communication Skills
    Ability to comprehend and give correct written instructions. Ability to communicate verbally with customers and co-workers to process orders both over the phone and in person.

    Essential Functions/Skills
    • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide accurately and quickly (may use calculator).
    • Must be able to make correct monetary change.
    • Verbal, writing, and telephone skills to take and process orders.
    • Motor coordination between eyes and hands/fingers to rapidly and accurately make precise movements with speed.
    • Ability to enter orders using a computer keyboard or touch screen.

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    27737 Bouquet Canyon Rd., Suite 134

    Franchise Privacy Policy

    I acknowledge that I am applying for employment with D.D.R. PIZZA, INC., an independently owned and operated Domino's Pizza franchisee that is a separate company and employer from Domino's Pizza LLC and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I further acknowledge that any decisions regarding my employment will be made solely by D.D.R. PIZZA, INC. and that my employer is not Domino's Pizza LLC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

    Job Category

    Store Customer Service Rep

    Franchise Consent Statement

    DISCLOSURE OF INTENT TO OBTAIN CONSUMER REPORTS OR INVESTIGATIVE CONSUMER REPORTSFor employment purposes in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") and applicable law, the Company may obtain consumer reports, or investigative consumer reports, in connection with your employment application or from time to time during employment. Consumer reports include record checks conducted by consumer reporting agencies and may include driving records, criminal records, or other background reports. Investigative consumer reports include investigations conducted by consumer reporting agencies through personal interviews (or through any means in California) on information as to character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living. You may make a written request for a summary of FCRA consumer rights and a disclosure of the nature and scope of an investigation. A disclosure of the nature and scope of such investigation is provided below. Disclosure of Nature and Scope of Investigation for Investigative Consumer Report If we request an investigative consumer report in connection with your employment application, a consumer reporting agency will prepare such a report based on the following investigation: The agency may interview former employers, business references, personal references, and/or others for information regarding prior employment, work experience and performance, reasons for employment termination, and information as to character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living. The agency may also conduct a records check of driving, criminal, credit, education, degrees, professional licenses, and/or certification records, depending on the job position and the state involved. I authorize the procurement of consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports by the Company as part of the pre-employment background investigation and at any time during my employment.*California, Minnesota, and Oklahoma Applicants: you may receive a free copy of any credit, consumer, or investigative consumer report obtained at your request Maine Applicants: You may request and promptly receive from the consumer reporting agency a copy of any investigative consumer report prepared. Regarding such reports, you may request from us (and receive within 5 business days) the name, address, and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency's nearest unit designated to handle inquiries.*Massachusetts and New Jersey Applicants: You have the right to have a copy of the investigative consumer report upon request.*Minnesota Applicants: You may make a written request to the consumer reporting agency for information on the nature and scope of a consumer report prepared.*New York Applicants: Upon your request, you will be informed whether or not a consumer report was requested, and if such a report was requested, the name and address of the consumer reporting agency furnishing the report. You may inspect and receive a copy of such report by contacting such agency.*Washington Applicants: You have the right to request from the consumer reporting agency the written summary of the rights of the consumer prepared under the Washington Fair Credit Reporting Act, RCW

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