Cashier (09341) - 1003 N. Sycamore

    Domino's Pizza
    1003 N. Sycamore, FORT STOCKTON, TX
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description


    Cashier (09341) - 1003 N. Sycamore

    Job Description

    A Domino's Cashier position requires candidates who can handle monetary transactions in a fast-paced environment. Candidates for this position must be personable, computer savvy, resourceful, self-motivated with a talent for administering customer service. Candidates must be able to multi-task and remain calm while under pressure.
    Domino's Cashier Position Description
    Domino's Cashiers manage all monetary exchanges in the restaurant by taking orders and ringing up transactions, serve as a liaison between the customer, the managerial staff and the kitchen staff, and keep the front area of the restaurant clean and well stocked.
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Domino's Cashier
    •Greets all customers politely when they enter the restaurant, call or go through drive-through.
    •Accurately records customer orders, at the counter, on the phone and at the drive-through.
    •Processing orders through the Pulse system to ensure their preparation.
    •Monitors ready orders and ensures their prompt delivery to waiting customer.
    •Helps expedite and complete orders with all sides and extras included in order.
    •Up-sells in-store promotions, when applicable.
    •Collects money from customers and provides correct change.
    •Processes credit card and debit card transactions.
    •Keeps track of a cash drawer and ensures it is balanced at the end of the shift.
    •Uses a drop box to ensure cash in till is kept under $75.
    •Listens to and resolves customer complaints, suggestions, and inquiries.
    •Keeps the front counter stocked, organized, neat and clean.
    •Keeps Box hutch, and all other box stocking area clean and stocked.
    •Cleans Dining area clean by wiping down tables & booth seating, sweeping floor and taking out trash.
    •Sweeps floor regularly and mops when needed or when lobby has closed.
    •Cleans windows on front doors and throughout lobby to remove fingerprints and dirt.
    •Restocks napkins, straws, lids, Parmesan/Red Pepper shakers and other supplies in the dining area.
    •Cleans outside of Soda Machine regularly on shift.
    •Wipe down and restock all coke visi-coolers and grab-n-go machines.
    •Cleans and re-stocks public and employee restrooms throughout shift and at end of shift.
    •Helps cook food and otherwise works in the kitchen, when necessary and only as backup.

    Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    •Is able to understand and work with numbers.
    •Texas Certified Food Handlers Certificate required.
    •Can follow directions and achieve goals.
    •Demonstrates strong customer service and interpersonal skills.
    •Is able to follow a schedule, be on time, wear proper uniform and work swiftly with smart hustle
    •Is able to communicate effectively to a variety of clientele.

    Education and Experience
    A high school diploma or equivalent degree is a plus but not required. Candidates for this position do not need prior experience as relevant training is provided on the job in order to learn employer-specific functions such as how to operate the computer system and to learn information about menu items. Sales experience is a plus. Customer service experience does help when greeting customers, answering potential inquiries, and handling complaints, though this also is not required.
    Work Environment
    A Domino's Cashier serves a large volume of people over every shift, which can be taxing. Standing for long periods of time while placing orders and fielding customer complaints is expected, which may contribute to back strain and foot problems. Because paper money is a large carrier for bacteria and germs, frequent hand sanitization is another expectation. The environment is warm, bustling, and potentially noisy. The environment of a Domino's restaurant is populated by triple stack conveyor belt ovens, multiple warming shelves and carts on wheels which can lead to injury.

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    1003 N. Sycamore

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    I acknowledge that I am applying for employment with Elite Team LP, an independently owned and operated Domino's Pizza franchisee that is a separate company and employer from Domino's Pizza LLC and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I further acknowledge that any decisions regarding my employment will be made solely by Elite Team LP and that my employer is not Domino's Pizza LLC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I certify the facts contained in this application are true and complete. I understand that, if employed, false statements or omission on this application are grounds for dismissal. I understand and agree that, if hired, my employment is for no definite period of time and either I or the company can terminate employment at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice. This at-will employment relationship exists regardless of any other statements and/or policies to the contrary. I understand and agree that this at-will employment relationship may not be modified or amended unless in writing by a document that is signed by an authorized representative of my employer. Any other attempted form of modification is null and void, whether oral, written, expressed or implied. I give my authorization to verify all information provided in this application.

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    Store Customer Service Rep

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    I understand that you intend to make an independent investigation of my background which may include references, character, past employment, education, credit and consumer information, driving history, criminal or police records, or insurance claim records, including those maintained by both public and private organizations and all public records for the purpose of confirming the information contained on my Application and /or obtaining other information which may be material to my qualifications for employment (a Background Investigation). Consent. I hereby authorize you, as part of the application process, and from time to time during my employment, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to conduct a Background Investigation, which may include a consumer report and/or a Motor Vehicle Report. I authorize the release of all such information to you. I release, without reservation, you and any person or entity which provides information pursuant to this authorization, from any and all liabilities, claims or causes of action in regards to the information obtained from any and all of the above reference sources used. I acknowledge that is a stand-alone consumer notification informing me that a report will be requested and that the information obtained shall be used solely for the purpose of evaluating me for employment, promotion, reassignment, or retention as an employee.

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