Delivery Driver(01043) - 5164 Lake Michigan Drive, Suite A

    Domino's Pizza
    5164 Lake Michigan Drive, Suite A, ALLENDALE, MI
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    Job Description


    Delivery Driver(01043) - 5164 Lake Michigan Drive, Suite A

    Job Description


    Do you know why Domino's Pizza hires so many drivers? Well, aside from the fact that our
    delicious pizza is the perfect solution for dinner for families all across the nation - we do it
    because we can. What do we mean by that, you ask? We mean that we offer a great flexible
    schedule that offers the hours you're looking for. That means you're free when you need to be.
    You'll have plenty of time left over for school, to hang with your friends, or whatever. Even if
    you need a second job for some extra cash, Domino's Pizza is the perfect place for you.
    Right now Domino's is looking for qualified drivers to staff stores in your area. We're growing so
    fast it's hard to keep up, and that means Domino's has lots of ways for you to grow (if that's what you want), perhaps to management, perhaps beyond. Whether it's your hobby, main-gig, or supplemental job, apply online. We're bound to have just the thing for you.


    You must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license with a safe driving record meeting
    company standards as well as access to an insured vehicle which can be used for delivery. You
    should possess navigational skills to read a map, locate addresses within designated delivery area and must be able to navigate adverse terrain including multi-story buildings. Must possess a positive attitude and be customer service oriented.


    Many of our team members began their careers as delivery drivers and today are successful
    Domino's franchise owners. From delivery driver to management, general manager to franchisee or Manager Corporate Operations, our stores offer a world of opportunity.


    Our mission is to recognize, appreciate, value and utilize the unique talents and contributions of
    all individuals. To create an environment where all team members, because of their differences,
    can reach their highest potential


    We take pride in our team members and our team members take pride in Domino's Pizza! Being the best pizza delivery company in the world requires exceptional team members working together. At Domino's Pizza, our people come first!

    General Job Duties For All Store Team Members

    Operate all equipment.
    Stock ingredients from delivery area to storage, work area, walk-in cooler.
    Prepare product.
    Receive and process telephone orders.
    Clean equipment and facility.
    Orientation and training provided on the job.
    Ability to comprehend and give correct written instructions.
    Ability to communicate verbally with customers and co-workers to process orders both over the
    phone and in person.
    Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide accurately and quickly (may use calculator).
    Must be able to make correct monetary change.
    Verbal, writing, and telephone skills to take and process orders. Motor coordination between
    eyes and hands/fingers to rapidly and accurately make precise movements with speed.
    Ability to enter orders using a computer keyboard or touch screen.
    Navigational skills to read a map, locate addresses within designated delivery area.
    Must navigate adverse terrain including multi-story buildings, private homes, and other delivery
    sites while carrying product.

    Work Conditions

    Varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions when removing trash and performing other
    outside tasks.
    In-store temperatures range from 36 degrees in cooler to 90 degrees and above in some work
    Sudden changes in temperature in work area and while outside.
    Fumes from food odors.
    Exposure to cornmeal dust.
    Cramped quarters including walk-in cooler.
    Hot surfaces/tools from oven up to 500 degrees or higher.
    Sharp edges and moving mechanical parts.
    Varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions when delivering product, driving and


    Talking and hearing on telephone. Near and mid-range vision for most in-store tasks.
    Depth perception.
    Ability to differentiate between hot and cold surfaces.
    Far vision and night vision for driving.


    The ability to direct activities, perform repetitive tasks, work alone and with others, work under
    stress, meet strict quality control standards, deal with people, analyze and compile data, make
    judgements and decisions.


    ,including, but not limited to the following:
    Most tasks are performed from a standing position. Walking surfaces include ceramic tile
    bricks with linoleum in some food process areas. Height of work surfaces is between 36 and
    Walking For short distances for short durations
    Delivery personnel must travel between the store and delivery vehicle and from the delivery
    vehicle to the customer's location.
    Sitting - Paperwork is normally completed in an office at a desk or table
    Lifting - Bulk product deliveries are made twice a week or more and are unloaded by the team
    member using a hand truck.
    Deliveries may include cases of ingredients and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds with
    dimensions of up to 3' x 1.5'.
    Cases are usually lifted from floor and stacked onto shelves up to 72 high.
    Carrying - Large cans, weighing 3 pounds, 7 ounces, are carried from the workstation to storage
    shelves. Occasionally, pizza sauce weighing 30 pounds is carried from the storage room to the
    front of the store. Trays of pizza dough are carried three at a time over short distances, and
    weigh approximately 12 pounds per tray.
    During delivery, carry pizzas and beverages while performing walking and climbing duties.
    Pushing - To move trays which are placed on dollies. A stack of trays on a dolly is
    approximately 24 - 30 and requires a force of up to 7.5 pounds to push. Trays may also be

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    Additional Job Details

    Additional Job Details

    Reaching - Reaching is performed continuously; up, down and forward. Workers reach above
    72 occasionally to turn on/off oven controls, change prices on sign, and lift and lower objects to and from shelves. Workers reaching down to perform such tasks as scooping cornmeal from a plastic barrel, or washing dishes. Workers reach forward when obtaining topping ingredients,
    cleaning work surfaces, or answering phones.
    Hand Tasks - Eye-hand coordination is essential. Use of hands is continuous during the day.
    Frequently activities require use of one or both hands. Shaping pizza dough requires frequent and forceful use of forearms and wrists. Workers must manipulate a pizza peel when removing pizza from the oven, and when using the rolling cutter. Frequent and/or forceful pinching is required in the assembly of cardboard pizza boxes. Team Members must be able to grasp cans, the phone, the pizza cutter and pizza peel, and pizza boxes. Machines, Tools, Equipment, Work Aids Team Members may be required to utilize pencils/pens, computers, telephones, calculators, TDD equipment, pizza cutter and pizza peel.

    Driving Detail:

    All employees involved in product delivery for the Company using their personal vehicles must have their driving records reviewed before beginning employment and periodically thereafter, and all employees must also meet the following requirements:
    No individual will be allowed to drive any vehicle for our Company without a valid driver's license from the state of their primary residence License must be in
    good standing (i.e., not suspended, revoked or restricted).
    Individuals 18 years of age must have at least a two-year driving history. Individuals 19 years of age and over must have at least a one-year driving history.
    This must be the year immediately preceding the date of the evaluation. At least three years of driving history may be evaluated for all applicants and employees.
    Individuals must show proof of and maintain auto liability insurance.
    Individuals must have their personal vehicle pass a vehicle safety inspection at the time of hire and periodically thereafter.
    No individual may be hired into a position which requires driving unless their driving record meets the Company's standards.


    Flexible Schedules
    Cash Paid Daily (mileage + tips)
    Paid Training
    Advancement Opportunities
    Meal Discounts
    Hours: FT-PT flex

    Address 1

    5164 Lake Michigan Drive, Suite A

    Franchise Privacy Policy

    I acknowledge that I am applying for employment with J.A.J. Inc., an independently owned and operated Domino's Pizza franchisee that is a separate company and employer from Domino's Pizza LLC and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I further acknowledge that any decisions regarding my employment will be made solely by J.A.J. Inc. and that my employer is not Domino's Pizza LLC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
    I understand that the Company is committed to providing equal opportunity in all employment practices, including, but not limited to, selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, citizenship status, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law.
    I authorize the Company to inquire with any current or former employers, professional, work, educational and personal references listed in the application, or any other individuals I may name concerning my work experience.
    I understand that the Company reserves the right, to the extent permitted by law, to require drug and alcohol screening tests of an applicant or an employee either prior to beginning employment or anytime during employment.
    I understand that this employment application and any other Company documents provided during the application process are not promises of employment.
    Subject to any requirements or restrictions by state or local law, I understand and agree that, if hired, my employment is for no definite period of time and either I or the Company can terminate employment at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice. This at-will employment relationship exists regardless of any other statements and/or policies to the contrary.
    I certify that the information given by me on this application and during the interview process is true and complete in all respects, and I agree that if the information is found to be false, misleading, or unsatisfactory in any respect (in the Company's judgment) that I will be disqualified from consideration for employment or subject to immediate dismissal if discovered after I am hired.
    I understand that I can contact the Company to determine the time period that this application will be considered active. If I wish to be considered for employment after any time period that this application is considered active, I understand that I must reapply. I further understand that separate applications may be required for each position for which I wish to be considered.
    We comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which requires you to furnish documentation showing your identity and legal authorization to work in the United States once you have been offered employment.

    Job Category

    Store Delivery Expert

    Franchise Consent Statement

    Disclosure of intent to obtain consumer reports or investigative consumer reports
    For employment purposes in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") and applicable law, the Company may obtain consumer reports, or investigative reports, in connection with your employment application or from time to time during employment. Consumer reports include record checks conducted by consumer reporting agencies and may include driving records, criminal records, or other background reports. Investigative consumer reports include investigations conducted by consumer reporting agencies through personal interviews on information as to character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living. You may make a written request for a summary of FCRA consumer rights and a disclosure of the nature and scope of an investigation. A disclosure of the nature and scope of such investigation is provided below.
    Disclosure of Nature and Scope of Investigation for Investigative Consumer Report
    If we request an investigative consumer report in connection with your employment application, a consumer reporting agency will prepare such a report based on the following investigation: The agency may interview former employers, business references, personal references, and/or others for information as to character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living. The agency may also conduct a records check of driving, criminal, credit, education, degrees, professional licenses, and/or certification records, depending on the job position.

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