Precision Castparts Corporation
    San Leandro, CA, SAN LEANDRO, CA

    Job Description


    Under general supervision, uses various tools and machines to ensure castings meet customer's dimensional specifications in accordance with quality standards. Ensures that documentation, tooling and parts are correctly matched to paperwork. Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of inspection functions on complex, critical castings to ensure conformance of casting and materials to customer requirements in accordance with quality standards. Ensures that documentation, tooling and parts are correctly matched to paperwork.

    Principle Accountabilities:
    Objective: To manipulate castings by various means (hot and cold) to ensure castings conform to visual and dimensional specifications.

    Essential Job Functions:
    •Follow established housekeeping and safety practices to maintain the quality of the work.
    •Demonstrate ability to log on main computer system, extract information, log time, enter inventory amount and forward to next operation.
    •Constantly checks castings to verify change or angle of dimension using straight edges, calipers, micrometers, height gauges, and fixtures as needed.
    •Follows set OPC's and QCP's and anticipate expiration of fixture calibration dates.
    •Manipulates castings with hammers, presses, and other tools to make castings conform to customer and internal specifications.
    •Transports finished pieces to next work station upon completion of paperwork.
    •Demonstrate above average value in the department and must maintain above average production.
    •Possess ability to make cost analysis for decision making, and exercise good judgment.
    •Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of all types of measuring gauges and tools to ensure castings meet required dimensions.
    •Demonstrate ability to interpret blueprint to coincide with tolerances called for by customer and/or noted on traveler when needed.
    •Design fixtures to straighten castings and, with help of engineering, design heat sizing process and mechanical straightening devises (hydraulic or pneumatic) on complex castings.
    •Implement needed corrections of discrepant fixtures and gauges.
    •Demonstrate knowledge of the effect of heat on different alloys, thickness, etc. and quenching on casting dimensions and have a minimal scrap rate.
    •Possess ability track and maintain storage locations for all sizing fixtures and shoes for the fixtures.
    •Possess the ability to hold areas flat within .010".
    •Ability to use grinding machines, metal removal tools, and sandblast units.
    •Demonstrate knowledge of the hydraulic press set up, including programming the large presses, and be able to set up jobs on the press.
    •Possess a general knowledge of heat treatment and its relationship to straightening.
    •Consistently notify supervisor immediately when workload is low.
    •Display a willingness and interest to learn through on the job training.
    •Demonstrate ability to recognize and communicate production problems to your supervisor.
    •Know approximate costs of castings, tools, equipment and supplies used in department, and demonstrate care of company equipment.
    •Pass a practical test which shall be composed of a least ten (10) different shop numbers covering the following areas.
    1.Traveler reading and interpretation
    2.Recognition of over and/or undersize castings
    3.Straightening castings within an acceptable time period
    4.Preliminary dimensional inspection
    5.Creation of a straightening procedure, straightening parts.
    6.Final dimensional inspection.
    7.Proper documentation of the work that has been done.
    •Maintains accurate records of work performed.
    •Meets all production and quality standards.

    Essential Job Functions:
    •Access main computer system to find location of necessary tools and fixtures.
    •Work safely when lifting, use transport devises and gets help on larger tools to bring tool to workstation. Returns tool to proper storage location after cleaning.
    •Using various hand tools, opens and inspects tool.
    •Using various hand tools, mounts tool in Hot Presses.
    •Sets up machines for optimum operation.
    •Run a part to ensure dimensions meet requirements.
    •Verify all parameters on paperwork and run required lot.

    •Experience and/or training are included in considerations.
    •Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing, read, follows and interprets instructions on technique cards, code sheets as well as other verbal or written instructions.
    •Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
    •Ability to use simple to complex measuring devices and fixtures.
    •Physical ability to perform the essential job functions.

    Precision Castparts Corp. is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruit, hire, train, and promote in all job categories without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or other status protected by applicable law.

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