Dishwasher (06574) - 9001 W University

    Domino's Pizza
    9001 W University, ODESSA, TX
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description


    Dishwasher (06574) - 9001 W University

    Job Description

    Domino's dishwashers are dedicated and organized who enjoys working as part of a team in a fast-paced environment. The Dishwasher's duties include gathering and removing soiled dishware from the Kitchen area, washing them thoroughly, making sure they are dry and putting them away in their proper place. They may also restock items, unload delivery trucks, assist in maintaining the Lobby area, clean appliances and machines, empty and clean trash receptacles, and other duties, as needed.
    To be successful as a Dishwasher, you should be a committed, communicative team player with excellent time management skills. You should be able to prioritize tasks in a busy setting and adhere to all food safety regulations and procedures.

    Dishwasher Responsibilities:
    • Ensuring the availability of clean dishes by collecting all soiled prep tubs, pans, utensils and other cookware from the kitchen washing and storing clean and dry.
    • Preparing dining areas and kitchen for next shift by cleaning and restocking cook stations.
    • Cleaning machines and appliances used in the kitchen, such as ovens, makeline, cut table etc.
    • Keeping dish pit area clean and organized.
    • Assisting with Unloading and storing deliveries.
    • Sweeping and mopping floors, especially in the event that items are spilled.
    • Taking out the trash and rinsing garbage cans.
    • Supporting other restaurant staff members by assisting with other tasks, as needed.
    • Reporting kitchen accidents or violations of food safety codes and procedures.
    • Making sure Dining area is ready for the day at open, at close and during hours of operation.
    • Setting up kitchen line for readiness before rushes.
    • Setting back up kitchen at close for next business day.
    Dishwasher Requirements:
    • Minimal work experience.
    • Strong problem solving and communication skills.
    • Exceptional time management skills.
    • Ability to stand or walk for 8-10 hour shifts and lift at least 30 pounds.
    • Shows pride in work
    • Willingness to comply with all food safety procedures.
    • Texas Certified Food Handlers Certificate required.
    Education and Experience
    A high school diploma or equivalent degree is a plus but not required. Candidates for this position do not need prior experience as relevant training is provided on the job in order to learn employer-specific functions such as how to operate the computer system and to learn about cleaning chemicals and washing procedures. Communication skills and a positive attitude is a must!
    Work Environment
    A Domino's Dishwasher will handle a large amount of kitchen cook ware and dishes. Sharp objects are to be handled washed and stored in a safe manner. The environment is warm, bustling, and potentially noisy. The specific Dish pit area will be wet and can be a slipping hazard. The environment of a Domino's restaurant is populated by triple stack conveyor belt ovens, multiple warming shelves and carts on wheels which can lead to injury.

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    9001 W University

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    Store Customer Service Rep

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    I understand that you intend to make an independent investigation of my background which may include references, character, past employment, education, credit and consumer information, driving history, criminal or police records, or insurance claim records, including those maintained by both public and private organizations and all public records for the purpose of confirming the information contained on my Application and /or obtaining other information which may be material to my qualifications for employment (a Background Investigation). Consent. I hereby authorize you, as part of the application process, and from time to time during my employment, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to conduct a Background Investigation, which may include a consumer report and/or a Motor Vehicle Report. I authorize the release of all such information to you. I release, without reservation, you and any person or entity which provides information pursuant to this authorization, from any and all liabilities, claims or causes of action in regards to the information obtained from any and all of the above reference sources used. I acknowledge that is a stand-alone consumer notification informing me that a report will be requested and that the information obtained shall be used solely for the purpose of evaluating me for employment, promotion, reassignment, or retention as an employee.

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