Delivery Driver(01905) - 2256 Bunker Lake Blvd NW

    Domino's Pizza
    2256 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, ANDOVER, MN
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    Job Description


    Delivery Driver(01905) - 2256 Bunker Lake Blvd NW

    Job Description

    A delivery driver is responsible for delivering orders to our customers. They are responsible for taking orders by phone and in person for walk in customers. They are also responsible to helo keep the place clean which includes dishes. Closing drivers will be responsible help the manager get the place ready for the following days business. Delivery drivers are also responsible for making all products and oven tending.

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    2256 Bunker Lake Blvd NW

    Franchise Privacy Policy

    I acknowledge that I am applying for employment with J & R Pizza, Inc., an independently owned and operated Domino's Pizza franchisee that is a separate company and employer from Domino's Pizza LLC and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I further acknowledge that any decisions regarding my employment will be made solely by J & R Pizza, Inc. and that my employer is not Domino's Pizza LLC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
    I understand that the Company is committed to providing equal opportunity in all employment practices, including, but not limited to, selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, citizenship status, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law. I authorize the company to enquire with any current or former employers, professional, work, educational or personal referances listed in the application, or any other individuals I may name concerning my work experience. I understand that the Company reserves the right, to the extent permitted by law, to require drug and alcohol screening tests of an applicant or an employee either prior to bebinning employment or anytime during employment. I understand thazt this employment application and any other company documents provided during the application process are not promises of employment. Subject to any requirement or restrictions required by local law, I underfstand and agree that, if hired, my employment is for no definite perios of time or either I or the company can terminate employment at any time, with or withour cause, or without notice. This at will employment relationship exists regardless of any other statements and or policies to the contrary. My signature indicates that I understand and agree that this at will relationship may not be modifies or ammended unless in writing by a document that is signed by an authorized representative of the company. Any other attempted form of modification is null and void, whether oral, written, expressed or implied. I certify that the information given by me on the application and during the interview process is true and complete in all respects, and I agree that if the information is found to be false, misleading, or unsatisfactory in any respect (in the companies judgement) that I will be disqualified from consideration for employment or subject to immediate dismissal if discovered after I am hired. I understand that I can contact the compoany to determine the time period that this application will be considered active. If I wish to be considered for employment after anytime period that this application is considered active, I understand that I musty reapply. I further understand that separate applications may be required for each position for which I wish to be considered. DO NOT SIGN UNTIL YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE STATEMENT. We comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which requires you to furnish documentation showing your identity and legal authorization to work in the United States once you have been offered employment.

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    Store Delivery Expert

    Franchise Consent Statement

    All employees involved in product delivery for the Company using their personal vehicles must have their driving records reviewed before beginning employment and periodically therafter, and all employees must also meet the following requirements: 1) No individual will be allowed to drive any vehicle for our Company without a valid driver's license from the state of their primary residence. License must be in good standing. (not suspended, revoked or restricted) 2) Individuals 18 yrs. of age must have at least a two year driving history. Individuals 19 yrs. of age and over must have at least a one-year driving history. This must be the year immediatly preceding the date of the evaluation. At least three years of driving history may be evaluated for all applicants and employees. 3) Individuals must have their personal vehicle pass a vehicle safety inspection at the time of hire and periodically thereafter. 4) Individuals must show proof of and maintain auto liability insurance. 5) No individual may be hired into a position which requires driving unless their driving record meets Company's standards.

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