Customer Service Rep(03626) - 2900 Longbeach Rd.

    Domino's Pizza
    2900 Longbeach Rd., OCEANSIDE, NY
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description


    Customer Service Rep(03626) - 2900 Longbeach Rd.

    Job Description

    Job Description

    A Customer Experience (service) Rep presents a positive first impression of the establishment's friendliness, excellent service and high standards.

    You must be able to carry natural conversation with Customers without sounding scripted or intrusive.

    We are searching for qualified customer service reps with personality and people skills. We're growing so fast it's hard to keep up, and that means Domino's has lots of ways for you to grow (if that's what you want), perhaps to management, perhaps beyond. Whether it's your hobby, main-gig, or supplemental job, drop us a line. We're bound to have just the thing for you.

    1. Be willing to work between 15-35 hours per week.

    2. Be friendly and have an upbeat attitude.

    3. Be able to work at least 3 days a week and the weekends.

    4. Have a flexible schedule.

    5. Be able to pass a background check.

    7. Be reliable and hard working.

    8. Want to have fun while making pizzas and helping customers!!

    9. Be 18 years of age.

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

    Salary: $12.75 to $17.00 /hour

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    New York

    Address 1

    2900 Longbeach Rd.

    Franchise Privacy Policy

    I acknowledge that I am applying for employment with YPO Inc., an independently owned and operated Domino's Pizza franchisee that is a separate company and employer from Domino's Pizza LLC and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I further acknowledge that any decisions regarding my employment will be made solely by YPO Inc. and that my employer is not Domino's Pizza LLC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

    Job Category

    Store Customer Service Rep

    Franchise Consent Statement

    I understand that YPO Inc.("COMPANY") will use Sterling Infosystems ("STERLING"), 6111 Oak Tree Boulevard, Independence, OH 44131, (800) 853-3228 to obtain a consumer report and/or investigative consumer report ("Report") as part of the hiring process. I also understand that if hired, to the extent permitted by law, COMPANY may obtain further Reports from STERLING so as to update, renew or extend my employment. I understand STERLING's investigation may include obtaining information regarding my credit background, bankruptcies, lawsuits, judgments, paid tax liens, unlawful detainer actions, failure to pay spousal or child support, accounts placed for collection, character, general reputation, personal characteristics and standard of living, driving record and criminal report, subject to any limitations imposed by applicable federal and state law. I understand such information may be obtained through direct or indirect contact with former employers, schools, financial institutions, landlords and public agencies or other persons who may have such knowledge. If an investigative consumer report is being requested, I understand such information may be obtained through any means, including but not limited to personal interviews with my acquaintances and/or associates or with others whom I am acquainted. This consent will not affect my ability to question or dispute the accuracy of any information contained in a Report. I understand if COMPANY makes a conditional decision to disqualify me based all or in part on my Record, I will be provided with a copy of the Report and another copy of the Summaries of Rights, and if I disagree with the accuracy of the purported disqualifying information in the Report, I must notify COMPANY within five business days of my receipt of the Report that I am challenging the accuracy of such information with STERLING. I hereby consent to this investigation and authorize COMPANY to procure a Report on my background. In order to verify my identity for the purposes of Report preparation, I am voluntarily releasing my date of birth, social security number and the other information and fully understand that all employment decisions are based on legitimate non-discriminatory reasons. The name, address and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency designated to handle inquiries regarding the investigative consumer report is: Sterling Infosystems, 6111 Oak Tree Boulevard, Independence, OH 44131, 800-853-3228.

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