Retail Deli Manager

    Little General Store, Inc.
    932 Cross Lanes Drive, Little General Store Locati, Cross Lanes, WV

    Job Description

    Job Description - Deli Manager

    Position Overview:The Deli Manager oversees the operation of a profitable, sanitary deli that serves fresh sandwiches and deli items; branded and/or proprietary.

    Position Classification:Full Time

    Position Reports To:Store Manager

    Position Manages:Deli Clerk

    Minimum Education:High School diploma or GED preferred. Must be able to speak, read and write in English.

    Physical Demands:
    • Ability to lift, push, pull, and carry boxes and /or equipment weighing up to 50 pounds;
    • Ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time (95%), Sitting (5%);
    • Ability to climb, balance, reach, grab, stoop, crawl, bend, and crouch for extended periods;
    • Ability to use close, distant, color and peripheral vision, depth perception and visual focus.
    • Ability to smell and identify odors;
    • Ability to clearly hear and interpret voice commands and telephone communications;
    Major Responsibilities:
    1. Manage, recruit, and train all deli employees.
    2. Follow all Little General and brand (if applicable) policies and procedures and ensure all deli employees do the same.
    3. Schedule labor in accordance with budget set by supervisor based on store needs. Schedule must be in accordance to federal wage and labor regulations.
    4. Ensure store staffed during all operational hours.
    5. Follow and enforce uniform and hygiene standards as set by Little General or brand (as applicable).
    6. Train deli employees to prepare all branded and/or proprietary menu items.
    7. Provide employee coaching and document progressive discipline when required.
    8. Ensure that food service area and food service equipment are clean, operational, secure, safe, and properly maintained to meet local health department, OSHA, Little General, and brand (if applicable) standards.
    9. Must obtain and maintain local food handler's certifications as required by the county and ensure all deli employees obtain the same required certification within 30 days of employment.
    10. Complete truck orders through approved distributors for food and supplies. Maintain inventory levels as needed by store based on sales volume ensuring inventory is of appropriate levels.
    11. Conduct monthly inventory to ensure profitability. Conduct weekly inventory if deemed necessary by supervisor.
    12. Monitor product levels, rotation, expiration dates, and portion control to minimize waste and shrink.
    13. Daily, weekly, and monthly administrative duties accurately completed when due; sales tracking, truck orders, invoice processing, etc.
    14. Report any problems to the Store Manager or Assistant Manager on duty. Deli manager defers to Retail Store Manager.
    15. Other duties as may be assigned by supervisor and/or any Little General upper-management.
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