Charleston Area Medical Center
    Charleston, WV
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    Job Description


    Basic Description
    • Provides optimum assistance to the health care provider providing services to the patient. Provide patient registration, discharge, and other related services for the assigned area.
    Specialized Knowledge, Experience and Skills
    (Education, Experience and Skills required to fully perform the requirements of the position)
    • Degree / Education
      • High School Diploma/GED
      • Formalized Training in Medical Assisting
      • See below for keystroke testing requirement
    • Level of Experience
      • 0-3years ofexperience
    • Lic./Cert./Reg.
      • All licensure must be current/valid and from the state of West Virginia.
      • Medical Assistant, Certified
      • Basic Life Support - Must be certified within 30 days of hire.
      • Must Meet Ladder Criteria I within 6 months of hire.
    • Typing/Word Processing skills required for this position
      • Requires 5000 keystrokes per hour with less than 10 errors
    • Computer Skills required for this position
      • Basic PC Skills
      • Software knowledge
    • Other Required Areas of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
      • Applies knowledge to new situations
      • Customer Service
      • Decision Making
      • Employee Relations
      • Flexible Schedule
      • Handle Multiple Assignments
      • Judgment
      • Keyboarding
      • Math Simple
      • Organization
      • Problem Solving
      • Teamwork
      • Verbal Communication
      • Work Independently
      • Written Communication
    • Acceptable SUBSTITUTIONS (if any)
      • Applicable Healthcare education and/or training may substitute for Medical Assistant education
    • Patient Group Knowledge(Only applies to positions with direct patient contact)
      • The employee must possess/obtain (by the end of the orientation period) and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide developmentally appropriate assessment, treatment or care as defined by the department's identified patient ages. Specifically the employee must be able to demonstrate competency in: 1) ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of patient needs; 2) knowledge of growth and development; and 3) understanding of the range of treatment needed by the patients.
        • Neonates
        • Child
        • Adolescents
        • Adults
        • Geriatrics
    • Assigns work to or supervises others
    • Competency Statement
      • Must demonstrate competency through an initial orientation and ongoing competency validation to independently perform tasks and additional duties as specified in the job description and the unit/department specific competency checklist.
    • Minimum Requirement Comments
      • Requires 5000 keystrokes per hour with less than 10 errors. Current medical assistant certification required by AAMA-AMT/RMA,NR-CMA or NHA (National Healthcareer Association).
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Provide clerical support to providers, patients, and staff to expedite patient flow, telephone communications and quality patient care. Provide assistance to the health care provider(s) rendering services to the patient, as directed by the provider or Registered Nurse if applicable as outlined in departmental policies and procedures. Duties may include:
      • Greet and register patients utilizing the appropriate software system. Explain payment policy and insurance coverage prior to patient registration, obtain insurance information, & pre-certification, if applicable.
      • Responsible for discharging patients from the facility, documenting & tabulating all charges and payments, & maintain accurate financial data on patients.
      • Schedule patient appointments as required.
      • Legibly and accurately transcribe orders utilizing knowledge of policy and procedures and legal documentation on patient record.
      • Responsible for billing, collection, refunding, disposition and communications regarding patient accounts.
      • Prepare and maintain accurate records for daily summary logs for charges, payments, balances due, statistical reports, billing claims, daily deposit transactions and equipment loan-outs.
      • Responsible for answering telephone, furnishing information as applicable by policy, and disposition of calls.
      • Retrieve, photocopy, as necessary and file medical records; prepare, review and process records to ensure completeness and accuracy.
      • Distribute mail and interdepartmental correspondences; operate postage meter, if necessary.
      • Perform vital signs, document medications/drug allergies and triage patients based on subjective data.
      • Collect and prepare specimens for reference lab testing to include venipuncture of adults and children.
      • Perform point of service laboratory testing and Quality Control procedures as required.
      • Perform electrocardiograms and assist with stress testing as required. Administer PO, IM, Sub Q and ID medications as delegated with verification of the "five R's medication" by the provider.
      • Obtain IV access and provide "plain fluid" infusion.
      • Perform audiograms, pulmonary function testing, drug screen collections and nebulizer treatments as required.
      • Prepare patients, exam rooms and equipment for examinations & procedures. Assist provider during patient visit and assist with procedures such as laceration repair, wound dressings, sigmoidoscopies and other minor procedures, as necessary.
      • Gather and document pertinent information in the patient record, as necessary.
      • Communicate information to the patient as directed by the provider and instruct patients in necessary preparation for diagnostic and therapeutic regimens.
      • Function as a liaison between provider, patient and staff to expedite patient flow, quality patient care, appointment and test scheduling and referrals.
      • Sort diagnostic test results by established parameters.
    • Assist in ordering and maintenance of inventory.
    • Obtain / maintain / transport equipment, supplies and specimens.
    • Orient new staff to role.
    • Maintain patient confidentiality.
    • Behavioral Requirements
      • Has communications skills:
        • Verbal communication is correct at all levels.
        • Non verbals are in agreement with the verbal message.
        • Passes information in a correct and timely manner.
        • Uses appropriate language: no profanity.
      • Is open to new ideas and situations.
      • Shows proof of positive customer service and co-worker relations.
      • Shows proof of tact/patience/courtesy in all contacts.
        • Smile.
        • Make eye contact.
        • Greet people with "Good (morning/afternoon/evening), How may I help you?
        • Use a friendly tone of voice.
        • Be patient with the patients.
        • Give timely and complete explanations.
        • Be kind.
        • Be sure that the patient feels important.
        • Be thoughtful of patient needs.
        • Do not complain about work in the hearing range of patients or customers.
      • Can adjust work speed for peak periods and slack times.
      • Is involved in problem solving on a day to day basis.
      • Completes work assignments on time.
      • Seeks help to deal with problems.
      • Works with care providers and co-workers as necessary to provide smooth and efficient delivery of patient care and services.
      • Work the hours/time necessary to meet patients' needs.
      • Answers to own decisions and work.
    • Has been evaluated against CLIA-88 requirements and is qualified to perform all duties and responsibilities for this position.
    Common Duties and Responsibilities
    (Essential duties common to all positions)
    • Maintain and document all applicable required education.
    • Demonstrate positive customer service and co-worker relations.
    • Comply with the company's attendance policy.
    • Participate in the continuous, quality improvement activities of the department and institution.
    • Perform work in a cost effective manner.
    • Perform work in accordance with all departmental pay practices and scheduling policies, including but not limited to, overtime, various shift work, and on-call situations.
    • Perform work in alignment with the overall mission and strategic plan of the organization.
    • Follow organizational and departmental policies and procedures, as applicable.
    • Perform related duties as assigned.
    Organizational Relationships
    (To whom the position directly reports and the number and title(s) of those directly supervised)
    • Reports to Department Manager
    Scope of Responsibility
    (The size of the area of responsibility in its functional, or numerical terms.)

    Physical Requirements
    (Essential physical requirements)
      • Vision
      • Hearing
      • Squatting
      • Crouching/Stooping
      • Hand Coordination
      • Arm Coordination
      • Kneeling
      • Lifting Irregular Loads
    • Activities Requiring Time
      • Sitting - 2 hr
      • Standing - 4 hr
      • Walking - 4 hr
    • Lifting
      • Up to 10 lbs - Often
      • 11 to 24 lbs - Often
    • Pushing
      • 11 to 24 lbs - Often
    • Reaching / Pulling
      • Up to 10 lbs - Often
    Environmental Conditions
    (Essential environment conditions)
    • Indoors
    • Mechanical Hazards
    • Exposure to Body Fluids
    • Electric Hazards
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