Sterile Processing Technician I (Waltham, MA)

    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Waltham, MA
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    Job Description


    The employee, after orientation to Massachusetts General Hospital, should be able to work independently and will be responsible for receiving, disassembling decontaminating, reassembling and preparing for sterilization all instruments and related equipment for the MGH Dental Group. The employee is also responsible for performing, incubation, reading, reporting and documentation of all sterilization parameters chemical and biological indicator. A thorough knowledge of aseptic technique, principles of sterilization and decontamination is required. The employee must operate washers, dryers and mechanical sanitizers and ultrasonic cleaners and heat sealers. The employee must also serve also support to the dental hygiene team in turning over rooms, prepping for procedures, and room stocking. Maybe assigned independent responsibilities and small projects by the Administrative Manager and Administrative Coordinator of Clinical Operations The employee supports the organization's mission, vision and values by exhibiting the following behaviors: excellence and competence, collaboration, innovation, respect, personalization, commitment to our community, and accountability and ownership.


    1. Decontaminates, inspects and assembles all instrumentation, equipment, kits and materials used according to prescribed packages and surgical kits; rejects any defective equipment.

    2. Works within hospital and departmental policies regarding safety and infection control. Performs quality control functions and maintains control records for sterilization.

    3. Determines the method of sterilization, monitors sterilizer and equipment operations, checks controls, performs chemical and biological testing as required.

    4. Must be extremely conscientious with required procedures; must be accurate and willing to follow set rules. Errors seriously impact patient and coworker safety and impact financial operations of this and other departments.

    5. Provides positive and effective communication and customer service that supports departmental and hospital operations; contributes to the teamwork within departments and organizations.

    6. Decision making guided by general instruction and practices requiring interpretation. Make recommendations for solving problems of moderate complexity and importance.

    7. Responsible for the documentation of all supplies leaving and entering the department. Maintains all back-up instrumentation and equipment levels.

    8. Assembles O.R. instrument case carts when necessary.

    Department Specific Duties

    1. At the beginning of each day, the hygiene processing technician is to check that all hygiene rooms are fully prepped and stocked before the 1st patient is seated. The processing technician is also to complete all of the tasks on the early morning duties checklist.

    2. Each hygienist is to seat her own patient. The hygienist will take vitals and review the medical history. The hygienist will take the x-rays. The processing technician will develop and mount x-rays. The hygienist should inform the processing technician if she will need assistance with seating the patient or with taking radiographs.

    3. The hygienist is to put up the green flag outside the operatory to signal the processing technician that x-rays need to be developed and mounted. The red flag should be raised to signal that a room turnover or miscellaneous help is needed.

    4. In the event that an extra room is available and the hygiene room is still occupied by a patient, the processing technician should expedite patient turnover by bringing the next hygiene patient into the extra room and seating the patient back out in the waiting room.

    5. The hygiene processing technician is to help turnover all hygiene rooms, sterilize all instrumentation for the practice, clean appliances for patients, and retrieve all supplies and instrumentation that the hygienists need.

    6. The hygiene processing technician is to perform all the end of day tasks and weekly maintenance tasks described on the checklists.

    Early Morning Duties Checklist For Hygiene Processing Technician

    1. Turn on/setup the developer unit in the x-ray room.

    2. Turn on the control panel switches for dental equipment (i.e. compressor, suction, water etc.)

    3. Turn on the lights in all hygiene rooms and check them for readiness. This includes checking that each room has new headrest covers and new light handle covers; that counter tops are clean; and that supplies have been replenished.

    4. Put a hygiene cassette on each of the trays in the hygiene operatories.

    5. Put the charts for the day in the hygiene operatories along with a copy of the schedule. 6. Start the sterilizer and do biological testing per testing schedule. Update the logs accordingly.

    End of Day Duties Checklist for Hygiene Processing Technician

    1. Turn over dirty rooms: a. Wipe down the dental unit and every surface in the room (i.e. the tray on the dental unit, motor for prophy angles, light handles, countertops, sink and cabinet handles). b. Put all dirty instruments in the sterilizer. c. Put on new headrest covers and new light handle covers on the dental unit. d. Replenish distilled water on each dental unit. e. Restock the rooms with supplies (use room stocking checklist).

    2. Turn off the control panel switches for dental equipment (i.e. compressor, suction, water etc.)

    Weekly Maintenance Duties Checklist For Hygiene Processing Technician

    1. Clean all hygiene dental units with "Microclear" & "Enzymax".


    1. Work in performed in contaminated and sub sterile work environments requiring surgical attire, which includes, but not limited to scrubs, hats, booties, mask, protective eyewear, gloves and gown. There may be times when the temperature is very warm and humid for hours at a time.

    2. The environment is fast paced, demanding and can be intense.

    3. Handling contaminated instrumentation and other sharp objects requires adhering to strict precautions,

    4. Carelessness could result in exposure to blood borne pathogens and /or injury

    Qualifications :


    1. Understanding of Infection Control procedures and practices.

    2. Basic computer skills for instrument management.

    3. The ability to read, write, comprehend English and follow detailed technical instructions; ability to communicate appropriately with others in order to fulfill above duties.

    4. A thorough knowledge of the care, handling, identification and utilization of surgical and specialty equipment is required.

    5. The ability to prioritize tasks, work under pressure and meet deadlines; ability to work independently on routine tasks without constant supervision.

    6. Employee must be extremely conscientious with required procedures; must be accurate and willing to follow set rules.

    7. The incumbent must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle and prioritize multiple, competing tasks and demands and to seek supervisory assistance as appropriate.

    8. Work requires manual dexterity, standing walking, lifting and pushing. • STANDING WALKING 90% • MUST BE ABLE TO LIFT 15 POUNDS OVER HEAD LEVEL • MUST BE ABLE TO LIFT 25 POUNDS • MUST BE ABLE TO PUSH/PULL 50 POUNDS LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS, and/or REGISTRATIONS (if applicable): Specify minimum credentials and clearly indicate if preferred or required Certified Instrument Processing Technician preferred

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