Safety Manager - Houston, TX

    WestRock Company
    Houston, TX
    Full-time, Part-time
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    Job Description

    Safety Manager - Houston, TX


    8440 Tewantin
    Houston, Texas, 77061
    United States

    Job Title Safety Manager
    Reports To General Manager
    Number of Direct Reports 0-2
    Revenue Responsibility N/A
    Budget Responsibility N/A
    Position Location Insert Location
    US Classification Exempt
    Job Summary: The Safety Manager is responsible for all activities related to occupational safety
    and health in the facility they are aligned to and ensures compliance with federal, state, and local
    requirements and laws to prevent hazards and injuries. The Safety Manager manages and develops
    safety programs to educate supervisors and managers and to prevent hazards, risks, and injuries.
    Major Job Responsibilities:
    Business Excellence
    • Develop and maintain safety education training program within the plant environment
    • Ensure that safety audits are completed in a timely manner
    • Maintain and update existing safety procedures, standard operating procedures, and policies
    • Provide critical information and documentation to 3rd party auditors as necessary
    • Manage compliance for environmental regulations (e.g. air permits, water runoff)
    • Assist in the continuous improvement of hazard identification and risk assessment
    • Ensure compliance with safety policies, regulations, and reporting in manufacturing
    • Perform hazardous risk assessments for tasks or jobs to identify potential hazards and develop
    risk prevention plans to mitigate them
    • Review and analyze accident/injury reports and data for accuracy and detail, ensuring
    corrective actions are taken
    • Serve as primary point of contact for worker's compensation and general liability insurance
    end-to-end processes
    • Partner with worker's compensation and general liability insurance representatives to ensure
    compliance with policy requirements
    • Assist in administration of safety incentive program, including assessing participation,
    monitoring engagement, reviewing all data, and ensuring incentives are paid
    People and Culture
    • Model and promote an organizational culture that fosters safe practices through effective
    leadership and training
    • Partner with manufacturing managers to review and improve safety practices and ensure
    adoption by employees
    Critical Skills / Capabilities:
    • Collaboration: Works effectively with others to complete a task or achieve a common
    objective; ability to cooperate in both interpersonal and team relationships to foster enthusiasm
    and maintain mutual trust, candor, and respect for others. Works through conflict
    Job Description
    • Detail-Oriented: Has an eye for recognizing errors or differences; plans and completes work
    with thoroughness, giving attention to specific information and individual details, conditions,
    necessary record keeping, and elements of that work
    • Communication: Clearly exchanges thoughts, ideas, and messages through written, verbal,
    and non-verbal methods that promote an understanding with the target audience; listens
    carefully and attentively
    • Problem-Solving: Identifies and analyzes problems; weighs relevance and accuracy of
    information; generates and evaluates alternative solutions; makes recommendations;
    demonstrates tackling a problem by using a logical, systematic, or sequential approach
    • Leadership: Influences individuals to achieve a target departmental goal or objective
    • Negotiation: Demonstrates an understanding of ways to negotiate effectively with others and
    understand each party's objectives; recognizes the potential impact of negotiation proceedings
    to the business; assists with negotiations in less complex situations; asks questions to uncover
    points of agreement and disagreement to help others gain consensus
    • Conflict Resolution: Manages and resolves conflicts and disagreements in a constructive
    manner; takes action to address employee grievances
    • Interpersonal Skills: Can relate to and communicate effectively with others to build rapport
    and relationships
    • Growth and Results Oriented: Demonstrates an interest, willingness and drive to learn new
    things; seeks to understand concepts, processes, and ideas within area of functional expertise;
    naturally inquisitive; sets meaningful goals for personal work productivity
    Technical Skills:
    • Moderate Computer Skills (e.g. Microsoft Office)
    Other Qualifications:
    To perform the duties of the job, this role requires:
    • Frequently reaching by extending two arms
    • Frequently reaching by extending fingers on two hands
    • Frequently use fingers to grasp with two hands
    • Frequently use fingers to pinch with two hands
    • Frequently use fingers to type with two hands
    • The spoken exchange of ideas to be performed loudly 50-75% of the time
    • The spoken exchange of ideas to be performed quickly 25-50% of the time
    • Ensure the safe and accurate determination of accuracy and neatness of work or make
    general observations of facilities or structures
    Work Environment:
    • Frequently works indoors in an environment that is climate controlled
    • Occasionally works indoors in an environment that is not climate controlled and has both high
    and low temperatures
    • Occasionally works outdoors in natural environmental conditions (both hot and cold)
    • Noisy work environment; maintain strict adherence to safety rules and regulations
    • The role is occasionally sedentary, which entails sitting or being stationary most of the time
    and frequently walking/standing for 3-6 hours at a time
    Job Description
    • Required: Thorough knowledge of safety regulations, including OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA
    • Required: Minimum of 2 years in a safety program supervisory role
    • Preferred: Government or professional training and compliance courses (e.g. OSHA 30-hour
    • Required: High School diploma or G.E.D.
    • Preferred: Associate or Bachelor's degree
    • Preferred: Safety-related certification (e.g. MESH, CSP, ASP)

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