Defense Advanced Tradecraft Course (DATC) Training Specialists - Expert

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    Fort huachuca, AZ
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    Advanced Military Source Operations (MSO) Training at the HUMINT Training-Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE) provides advanced, experiential based training and professional development in military source operations to meet the requirements of the Defense HUMINT Enterprise. HT-JCOE is currently located at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona, but will be moving to Davis Monthan in Tucson, Arizona late 2020.
    Qualifications :

    a)Secret Clearance
    b)MSO CAT 1 qualified via OTC, DATC, ASOTC, or Legacy CAT 1 or higher courses are acceptable, or
    c)Able to drive a motor vehicle for up to five hours without assistance; valid civilian driver license.
    d)Physically capable of sustained walking without a break for five miles over uneven terrain, and in inclement weather.
    e)Able to understand and communicate discreetly during one-on-one conversations in public venues without attracting undue attention.
    f) No more than 10% of MSO Course Training Specialists received certification
    g) Experience successfully serving as Chief of Station, Chief of Base, or Detachment/OB Chief or FTC/OTC instructor for a minimum of two years in addition to the experience listed in 1.1, above.
    h) Experience successfully serving in the Intelligence Community as a Senior Intelligence Officer (SIO), Chief of Operations, Operating Location Chief or OTC or (Legacy course) certified officer with at least three tours conducting controlled operations (minimum 6-month tours).

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