TGI Fridays, an independently owned franchise
110 Creasy Lane, Lafayette, IN
Full-time, Part-time

Job Description

To ensure Guests are seated at a clean and properly set table within the shortest amount of time possible. To maintain cleanliness of the restroom, perimeter of the building and parking lot. To work with W/Ws and Host/Hostesses to ensure Guests receive excellent service.

• Promptly cleans and resets tables after each Guest's departure.
• Offers assistance to Guests by clearing away dishes and glassware, and refills beverages. Maintains cleanliness of restroom, perimeter of building and parking lot.
• Prepares coffee and iced tea to help Team Members serve Guests.
• Assisting with Guest needs as they arise, including but not limited to the below mentioned cleaning expectations:
* Checks cleanliness of the bus stand from previous shift and notifies Manager of any problems. Sets up the bus stand, restocks and prepares bus stand for shift change and/or close.
* Checks high chairs and booster seats for cleanliness when resetting tables.
* Cleans and sanitizes throughout the shift, including taking out trash as needed.
• Prepares OTLE and/or close.


Job Requirements
* Guest Experience
* Issues around cleanliness and sanitation

* Consistently fulfill the Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities above
* Guest satisfaction scores
* Cleanliness and sanitation

* Must be able to read menu items
* Must be able to clearly communicate Guest needs to other Team Members (W/W's, door person, bartender or Manager)
* Must be able to hear well amongst loud background noise in order to answer telephone and respond to Guest requests
* Must be able to lift and carry sacks, cases, and bus tubs of up to 70 lbs, up to 20 times per shift; places these items on high shelves and in walk-in freezer
* Must be able to reach, bend, stoop and wipe frequently
* Must be able to stand and walk during entire shift

PASSION FOR THE GUEST - Actively contributes to fun, friendly and engaging service.
* Understands how their role impacts the Guest.
* Displays a caring attitude towards Guests.
* Contributes to the Guest experience through knowledge of job and products.
* Demonstrates a service attitude by providing support to those who are directly serving the Guest.
* Handles special requests in a responsive and positive way.
* Utilizes customer feedback to provide a better Guest experience.

COMMUNICATION - Keeps the lines of communication positive, open and productive.
* Pays close attention to Guests' and coworkers' special requests to ensure accuracy.
* Responds positively to conflict situations and works to find appropriate solutions.
* Keeps interaction positive and productive; avoids conveying negative messages.
* Shares information with others to raise awareness of potential needs and concerns.
* Listens carefully and attentively to others without interrupting.
* Asks thoughtful questions to ensure proper understanding of the message being conveyed.
* Contributes to pre-shift meetings by providing relevant updates and asking appropriate questions.

PASSION & INITIATIVE - Keeps it fun and keeps up with the pace.
* Shows Guests and Team Members that (s)he genuinely enjoys the job.
* Displays passion, energy and pride in doing the job right.
* Works with a strong sense of urgency and drive; pushes for quick, yet accurate results.
* Focuses on the way (s)he approaches a task, not just the task itself.
* Takes independent action to improve existing systems and processes.
* Enthusiastically promotes the brand and menu items.

* RELIABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY - Works hard and delivers quality results.
* Arrives on time and ready to work dressed in proper dress code.
* Attends all required shift meetings and is prepared to contribute.
* Minimizes wastes and costs (e.g., maintains proper rotation of inventory).
* Responds to complaints about food quality issues by owning the situation and solving the problem quickly and properly.
* Uses good judgment and acts with integrity in all dealings; demonstrates consistency in words and actions.

FLEXIBILITY & STRESS TOLERANCE - Knows that anything can and will happen and handles uncertainty in a calm, controlled manner.
* Addresses daily challenges and obstacles with confidence and a positive attitude.
* Easily adjusts to meet changing demands and new responsibilities.
* Prioritizes effectively and multitasks to ensure all tasks are completed by the end of the shift.
* Maintains an even-tempered demeanor even in stressful situations.
* Responds calmly to problems and controls emotional reactions.
* Handles him/herself in a professional manner at all times.

TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION - Fuels an environment where everyone pitches in and gets along.
* Recognizes the importance of working together to accomplish goals.
* Actively promotes cooperation, respect, and acceptance of all Team Members.
* Establishes positive and supportive working relationships with all Team Members to maintain a productive environment.
* Takes on additional responsibilities to ensure proper coverage during rush periods.
* Reaches out to Team Members when necessary to ensure timely completion of all tasks.
* Takes advantage of opportunities to set an example for new or inexperienced Team Members.
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