Senior Software Engineer - Front End

    New York, NY 10001
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description


    Xandr is searching for a Software Engineer to join us on the Buyers Order Management Front End team in New York or Portland. The front-end applications that we build are the heart of the business workflow that our advertiser clients use to configure their advertising campaigns on the Xandr platform.

    About the team

    We are a close-knit and collaborative feature development team made up of smart, passionate software engineers of varying degrees of experience with a variety of backgrounds, each of whom brings their unique perspective and history to the group. We partner with the product management and user experience teams to design, architect, and implement beautiful, easy-to-use, functional user interfaces that enable our users to drive their business to success.

    We spend our days developing best-in-class products using React, Redux and many other useful technologies in the React ecosystem, such as Reselect and Redux-saga. We also own a number of "middle layer" Node.js applications, and we contribute to the schemas that drive our implementation of GraphQL. Our projects run the gamut from replacing aging systems or making existing systems more efficient to building greenfield applications that meet our future product needs.


    5+ years of experience as a professional software engineer.

    Strong expertise in JavaScript - we make heavy use of many of the language features introduced in the past several years such as arrow functions, destructuring, async/await, and generators, and we tend to do a lot of data transformation in our code.

    Solid understanding of React and professional experience building complex user interfaces with React - almost all of our applications are powered by React and we even have both an internal and an open source library of React components that we use to build our views.

    Good understanding of state management and professional experience designing robust, scalable state management solutions for complex applications using Redux or similar technologies.

    A commitment to code quality - every engineer on our team gives and receives feedback on pull requests and writes unit tests, and we have regular team syncs to discuss the state of our architecture, patterns and processes and what we can improve.

    It would be great if you had an understanding of:

    Functional programming






    RESTful APIs

    You'll love working here if you:

    Enjoy working on high-quality, intuitive, impactful product

    Take personal pride in the quality of your work

    Are passionate about learning and teaching

    Constantly strive to improve yourself

    Thrive on helping to empower and raise up your colleagues

    Focus not just on resolving immediate, surface-level issues but also on understanding the root causes in order to build long-term solutions

    Care about solving big, systemic problems

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