Director-Asst Recreation (Part Time)

    Genesis Healthcare LLC
    Colchester, CT 06415
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    Job Description

    Job Description
    POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible for assisting with the planning, implementation, scope, and emphasis of nursing center recreation programs to encourage and stimulate customers to have fuller and richer lives. He/she works in conjunction with the Recreation Director and recreation staff to provide quality recreation services to elders in the nursing center. Special projects/duties may be assigned by the Recreation Director to facilitate enhancement of services and delivery of services.

    1. Assists with planning the recreation program by contributing to the development of program philosophies and policies, writing procedures, goals and objectives for the program, and by establishing an individualized recreation plan based upon each customer's needs, interests and abilities;
    2. Works with the Recreation Director to plan programs based on the customer's needs, interests and abilities, and encourages customer involvement in recreation program planning;
    3. Documents the recreation program and customer's progress within recreation. Maintains records that improve future planning, individualized approach and continual evaluation and revision;
    4. Contributes to the development of the customer care plan, maintains adequate records on volunteers, and complies with government standards for documentation;
    5. Contributes to the implementation of a meaningful recreation program for all customers (including individual interventions), that includes implementing creative, intellectual, physical, service, social and spiritual programs each week that provide opportunities for participation in community activities and opportunities for customers to be of service for others;
    6. Assists in the recruitment and training of recreation program volunteers. May assume responsibility for volunteer program development and implementation;
    7. Assumes responsibility of department in Director's absence;
    8. Provides resources for the special interests of customers, whenever possible, as well as, materials for independent activity. While a schedule of a variety of group activities is important, flexibility in the program for spontaneous activities is also necessary;
    9. Works with the Recreation Director to evaluate the effectiveness of the recreation program in terms of enhancing the quality of the customer's life, based on goals and performance objectives of the program, and evaluations from customers, families, staff, volunteers, resource people, administration and consultants;
    10. Works efficiently and cooperatively with the administration and staff by contributing to the orientation of new staff, by participating as a team member, by interpreting goals and methods of the recreation program to all staff, and by communicating information regarding the health and welfare of customers to staff;
    11. Participates in various center committees as needed, plans activities to avoid conflict with treatment plans, and accepts and delegates responsibility in cooperation with the Recreation Director;
    12. Maintains cooperative relationships with members of the customers' families by orienting family members to recreation programs, by encouraging families to participate in the volunteer and recreation program, and by encouraging families to evaluate and make suggestions for the recreation program;
    13. Concerns his/herself with the safety of all center customers in order to minimize the potential for fire and accidents. Also, ensures that the center adheres to the legal, safety, health, fire and sanitation codes by being familiar with his/her role in carrying out the center's fire, safety and disaster plans and by being familiar with current MSDS;
    14. Acts as a resource person to staff, other Recreation/Activity Coordinators and community organizations while demonstrating a positive and objective approach to observations and action;
    15. Maintains confidentiality when dealing with customers, their families and records, demonstrate a knowledge of rights and concerns for the welfare of all customers in the center, and effectively communicates with individuals and groups by establishing regular written communication through the use of a newsletter format to the community;
    16. Puts Customer Service First: Ensures that customers and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individuals' needs and rights;
    17. Performs other duties as requested.



    EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. High school degree. 2. Completion of the NAAP/NCCAP Basic Education Course for Activity Professionals. 3. Certification in accordance with regulatory agencies governing the center, by the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals (ADC) or the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification (CTRS).

    Position Type: Part Time
    Req ID: 341033
    Center Name: Harrington Court
    Posting ID: 555357968Posted: 2020-05-21