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    Cayuga, IN
    Full-time, Part-time
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    Job Description

    ZACHRY is currently seeking an experienced Industrial Journeyman Electrician for a base load journeyman electrical position within the Duke Midwest power plants. No per diem or relocation offered.

    Position Summary

    Industrial Journeyman Electricians will install, repair, and maintain electrical wiring, conduit, equipment and fixtures. They will work on underground cable and conduit installation, terminating, and equipment installation for all phases of a Combined-Cycle Power Plant.

    Qualification Highlights

    • Must have 4+ years' experience as an Industrial Electrician Helper or above.

    • Must possess all Knowledge Skills and Abilities for positions (see below).

    • Must be able to meet all physical requirements.

    • Must be able to work at heights in excess of 300 ft.

    • Must have all required tools.

    • Must have reliable transportation.

    Position Responsibilities

    • Read blueprints and specification to determine the scope of work: locations, quantities, and sizes of materialsrequired.

    • Identify all tools required for tasks.

    • Identify safety risks and the precautions required to eliminate those risks.

    • Cut, bend, and run conduit as specified on blueprints.

    • Install, modify, and fabricate cable tray as necessary according specifications.

    • Pull cable through specified pathways.

    • Assemble and install electrical equipment.

    • Terminate wires and cable to electrical equipment such as but not limited to breakers, control panels and distribution systems.

    • Test electrical components for continuity and proper voltage readings according to specifications.

    • Inspect electrical equipment and components to identify hazards and to ensure the equipment is in goodoperational condition.

    • Setup and maintain temporary power systems.

    • Install and maintain grounding systems for all equipment and structures.

    • Hoist equipment and tools into location via bull rigging or crane.

    Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Must be able to read blueprints and schematics proficiently to perform duties.

    • Must be able to demonstrate former knowledge and experience working on high voltage systems.

    • Must have worked as an Industrial electrical helper or as an Industrial Electrician for a minimum of 4 years.

    • Must know basic electrical theory for example but not limited to ohms law.

    • Must be able to install and modify cable tray using hand tools and power tools.

    • Must be able to bend and cut conduit using hand saws, hand tube bending equipment as well as power and hydraulic cutting and tube bending devices.

    • Must be proficient in cable pulling methods use to run cable through specified pathways.

    • Must be able to use specialized electrical tools such as but not limited to ohm meters, multi-meters, and terminating devices.

    • Must be able to terminate both High and low voltage equipment and cable/wiring.

    • Must have mechanical and electrical knowledge of components relative to a Combined Cycle Power Plant.

    • Must be able to trouble shoot equipment and systems for electrical malfunctions.

    • Must be able to identify different types, gauges, and color of cables and wires.

    • Must be able to follow instructions correctly.

    • Must be reliable, accountable, and consistent in performing administrative processes.

    • Must be able to illustrate knowledge and experience of working with a lock out tag out system.

    • Must be willing and able to follow all instructed safety regulations.

    • Must be able to make it to work on time and work the designated schedule and any overtime as needed with the proper notification.

    Preferred Additional Qualification

    • Current Zachry or Zachry ROF'ed employee.

    • Former experience working with Zachry Industrial, Inc.

    • Licensed Journeyman Electrician.

    • National Center for Construction Education and Research's (NCCER) certification for Industrial Journeyman Electrician.

    Reporting to:

    • This position does not have any direct reports; however, the position will work closely with and oversee on occasion of helper and labor positions. The position will hold a positional and expertise authority of the helper and laborer positions.

    Physical Requirements

    • Employee will be required to adhere to large amounts of standing, walking, bending, squatting and lifting. Will talk and hear to communicate. Will use arms and hands to signal, grab, hold, turn, push, and pull objects, materials, controls and tools. May be required to lift, carry and move up to 50lbs. Will work at heights, climb ladders and stairways, work off of platforms and man lifts, and may occasionally work out on an open structure using the appropriate fall protection requirements. Must be able to see full range of colors. Must be able to use fingers in precise coordinated movements. Will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to: hardhat, safety glasses/goggles, ear plugs/muffs, masks/respirators, safety vests, gloves and leather work boots.

    Required Tools

    • Toolbox with Lock • 3/16" Straight Slot Screwdriver

    • Tool Pouch or Tool Bucket • " Straight Slot Screwdriver

    • Stakon Pliers • Screwdriver (screw holding type)

    • Wire Strippers • Hammer (Ball Peen or Claw)

    • Hacksaw • " to 1 " Knockout Set

    • Set of Allen Wrenches • 9" Side Cutting Pliers

    • #1 Phillips Screwdriver • Center Punch

    • #2 Phillips Screwdriver • Cold Chisel

    • 8" Crescent Wrench • Tri Square

    • 10" Crescent wrench • 25' Retractable Measuring Tape

    • 420 Channel Locks • Torpedo Level

    • 440 Channel Locks • Set of 3/8" Driver and Ratchet & Socket

    • Needle Nose Pliers • 1 - Rubber boots

    • Multi-meter • Diagonal Cutting Pliers (Dikes)

    • Protractor • 1/8" Straight Slot Screwdriver

    ZACHRY is dedicated in providing a Safe and Drug Free work environment and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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