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    Job Description

    Job Description


    Compensation Base: 18.36

    Compensation Bonus (if applicable):

    Equal Opportunity Employer.

    • Responsible for all security and control related functions during duty shift per management instructions. Seeks to provide maximum facility coordination in prisoner supervision and safety.
    Primary Duties and Responsibilities
    • Supervises all security functions during shift as assigned by management.
    • Supervises the feeding of inmates/detainees during meal time.
    • Makes routine inspections of all security equipment, doors, gates, fences, lighting systems, and other facility equipment as needed.
    • Assists staff with unit counts.
    • Reviews reports written by officers during shift and ensures these reports are submitted as required.
    • Assures that officers receive on-the-job training and safety training as required.
    • Inspects or directs work to inspection of perimeter to test alarm systems, detect safety hazards and to ensure safety rules are posted and enforced.
    • Assists officers and staff with unruly inmates and other assignments as required. Investigates and reports causes of inmate/detainee disturbances.
    • Responds to major unusual occurrences as trained. Facilitates prompt and appropriate assistance to detainees/inmates in the event of injury, illness or emotional trauma.
    • Directs work, provides training and performs inspections of work performed by inmate/ detainee workers. Assures that inmate/detainee workers under security supervision receive safety training.
    • Provides management with input into decisions concerning employee performance ratings, disciplinary actions, and job assignments.
    • Promotes an atmosphere conducive to personality and character development of detainees/ inmates and staff through the encouragement of favorable behavior patterns, arrangement of physical facilities, and influencing relationships among detainees/inmates.
    • Assists in review of staff effectiveness by conducting frequent physical inspections of the facility to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.
    Job Requirements

    Minimum Requirements
    • High school diploma or equivalent certification required.
    • Must meet the requirements of being a Correctional Officer.
    • One (1) year of experience working in a correctional setting required.
    • Must be flexible, intellectually alert, able to command the respect and confidence of detainees/inmates and staff, possess a working knowledge of correctional laws, applicable court orders and possess a high tolerance to mental stress.
    • Must have a proven work history with sound abilities to write communications, documents, policy, court room defenses, contract negotiations, and other required written correspondence.
    • Must be able to understand and carry out moderately complex oral and written instructions.
    • Ability to coordinate staffing requirements for security supervisors and officers.
    • Must have completed an approved training program resulting in a certificate of satisfactory completion. Ability to obtain certification for training such as CPR, First Aid and firearms.
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