Software Developer, Rover Driving Software Simulation

    Moffett field, CA

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    Software Developer, Rover Driving Software Simulation

    NASA, working with private industry, is planning our return to the Lunar Surface. For the first time since 1972, we are planning boots on the Moon. For the first time ever, we will conduct Lunar Polar explorations on the surface. These explorations will include both human and robotic missions. Join the team planning the first robotic lunar polar surface exploration. At NASA in Silicon Valley, we are designing a Lunar prospecting mission to search for water ice in a polar region on the Moon. This rover is targeted to launch in 2023.

    The rover project uses a simulation environment for software and operations development and operations training. This simulation environment is comprised of ROS, Gazebo, Python, Eclipse RCP and other software components. The simulation engineer will be responsible for integrating simulator components including rover system and environmental models, operator interface applications, and command/telemetry applications; making changes to the simulation environment, and also for developing tools to analyze the results of various simulation runs. If you are a software developer with a robotics background, join us in this groundbreaking endeavor.

    Required Skills and Traits:

    2+ years of experience with ROS/Gazebo
    understand and write ROS nodes for a robot with multiple cameras and other sensors
    model a complex robotics system, including sensors, in Gazebo
    2+ years of experience with Python
    Write Python scripts to analyze rosbag data
    Previous work on large projects
    Come up to speed quickly on a large, thinly documented project comprised of C++11, Python, and Java
    Have strong object-oriented design and implementation skills

    A B.S. in a computer science area and 4 years of experience

    Other Desired Skills:
    Robotics background
    Experience with mapping and 3D terrain software (e.g., GIS, OSGeo tools)

    You are submitting your information for consideration to a position that is currently available under the Intelligent Systems Research & Development Services (ISRDS) program at Ames Research Center, CA. If selected your employment offer may be with KBR or a team member company on the ISRDS contract.

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