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    Job Description

    H2A jobs are posted to actively recruit qualified, availableworkers that are currently eligible to work in the United States, per federal regulations. If you are not currently eligible to work in the U.S., please contact the local employment office in the country of your citizenship for assistance. This job requires thinning, training, pruning, harvesting of apples; hops; peppers, pears, and hemp by the worker. There are general conditions of employment, general job specifications and individual requirements that are specific to each job duty: Hop Root Digger. Job consists of digging up roots from existing fields, using a shovel to dig up existing roots, utilizing a knife to cut the root and placing root into appropriate container. The job requires bending over continuously through the day to dig, and tie up roots to specified count, and then moving on to the root. Hop Root Planter. Job consists of planting roots into new fields, using a shovel to make a hole on the ground, and placing root into the whole. The job requires bending over continuously through the day to dig hole, plant, and then moving on to the root. Weed Chopper Job consists of walking through field, and cutting weeds utilizing a machete. Hop Baler: Job consists of placing burlap bale material into machine, operating baler machine, sowing bale, utilizing sewing machine. Removing packed product and placing it on a certified scale, recording weight, and placing finished product in designated area. This job is physically demanding, requires repetitive motions throughout the day. Kiln Operator & Assistant: Manages day to day operations in the hop kiln facility. Dryer collects data on temperature, and moisture meter levels throughout the shift. Dryer determines where and when to dump hop kilns into baling room floor. Maintains kiln facility clean to comply with food safety regulations. Dryer must be able to stand for long periods of time, work in high temperatures and humidity for prolonged periods of time. Dryer must be able to shovel hops and climb in and out of 3ft kilns with ease. Crew leader: Worker performs field work assigned to crew, receives instructions from management on how a specified job is to be completed. Works alongside the group, but is responsible to drive crew to field location, report any injuries to management, ensure that everyone performs work in a safely manner. Hop harvest is a 24/7 operation and workers may have to workday or night shifts as assigned. Shop/Maintenance Assistant: Job consists of assisting shop mechanic with various task related to equipment repairs. Semi-Truck Driver: Job consists of hauling finished product such as packed bales to the warehouse destinations. For a worker to be considered for this position the worker must have a valid driver's license from either a state in the U.S. or his native country. This job is also physically demanding so is only suitable for physically fit individuals. Sprinkler pipe mover: Job consists of moving 20ft - 30ft irrigation pipe to next section depending on irrigation schedule. This job is also physically demanding so is only suitable for physically fit individuals. Irrigation Installation/Repair: Job consists of walking through fields identifying and fixing leaks in the irrigation system. Install splicers where a leak is found to fix leaks. Installing new irrigation lines by, gluing pvc pipe together, drilling holes along the top of the pipe, glue caps on pipe, and install irrigation tubbing. Hook up drip yes to irrigation system. Livestock handler: Job consists of assisting when transporting cattle from one field to another. Job Requirements 3 months work experience Driver requirements Lifting requirement 60 Exposure to extreme temperatures Extensive pushing or pulling Extensive sitting or walking Frequent stooping or bending over Repetitive movements Must anticipate being available to work the entire contract period Salary/Wage/Benefits Hourly wage is $15.83 per hour. The prevailing practice for harvest work is to compensate workers on a piece rate basis. However, no worker will be paid less than $15.83 per hour averaged over the pay period. Minimum piece rates are as follow: The pay period shall weekly. The employer will furnish, without charge, all tools, supplies and personal protective equipment required in the performance of the specified work. Employer provided housing/kitchen facilities are available for employees who are unable to reasonably return to their place of residence the same day. Transportation costs to the job site for domestic workers from outside the local commuting distance of the job site will be reimbursed by the employer after 50% of the contract period. Transportation costs from the job site to the workers home will be provided to those domestic workers that complete the entire contract period. Employer guarantees to offer employment for the hourly equivalent of 3/4 or 75% of the workdays of the work contract beginning with the first day of work. Full job description and employer benefits is available from the employer. Hours/Days/Schedule Contract period: 07/29/2020 to 11/22/2020 Work hours will be 6 hrs. a day Monday through Friday and 5hrs on Saturday. Closing Date/Deadline Employer will accept referrals until 09/26/2020 How to Apply/Request a Referral: This employer has asked WorkSource to refer only fully qualified applicants for this job. If you would like to request a referral, simply "Apply" to this job post or please contact any WorkSource office for detailed instructions on how to apply. Please reference WorkSource Job ID: Bottom of Form WorkSource is an equal opportunity employer and provider of employment and training services. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to persons with disabilities. TTY (Washington Relay Service 1-800-833-6384) WorkSource Staff Special Instructions: Please click here to access the side by side checklist, Workers' rights trifold and a copy of the complete job order (Accepted ETA-790 application) for inspection.
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