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GI Technician - North Denver Endoscopy Center

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Assists endoscopy team during endoscopy procedures. Arranges and inventories sterile set-up for operation, and passes items as needed to the endoscopy team. Assists in preparing and moving patients, and in cleaning the endoscopy room. The Endo Tech is responsible for the provision of care to meet identified patient outcomes and to achieve the goals of the facility as directed by the Registered Nurse. Provides a centralized distribution and control of supplies and equipment to the facility. In charge of shipping and receiving, stores prepared articles and supplies in designated areas. Maintains and tracks inventory according to facility procedures.

Required Skills:

1. Delivers safe patient care as directed by the Registered Nurse and according to surgery center policy and procedure.
2. Efficiently and effectively assists physician with procedures.
3. Anticipates physicians' needs both in preparing for procedure and during procedure.
4. Reports the patient's planned outcomes to the Registered Nurse in a timely and appropriate manner.
5. Demonstrates ability to respond to patient care and facility needs in an emergency situation.
6. Initiates and implements basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as appropriate.
7. Demonstrates knowledge of specific responsibilities in all emergency situations.
8. Demonstrates ability to meet patient's and family's learning needs as identified in the plan of care.
9. Orients the patient and family to the patient care environment routines.
10. Implements the teaching plan as directed by the Registered Nurse.
11. Encourages patient/family participation in community education programs.
12. Demonstrates continued competence in treating, and caring for individuals based upon age-specific needs utilizing a developmental perspective.
13. Displays an understanding of each patient's cognitive, physical, emotional, and chronological maturity in the assessments, treatment, and care undertaken.
14. Appropriately modifies approach to the patient based upon patient age utilizing a developmental perspective.
15. Provides appropriate interventions related to safety issues.
16. Demonstrates appropriate knowledge and competence of designated skills identified for position.
17. Demonstrates proper cleaning and care of the endoscopy equipment
18. Responsible for the receipt and distribution of central supply, floor stock, office and stock supplies and rental equipment.
19. Maintains adequate levels of inventory, not allowing stock items to deplete, but not "over stocking"
a. Returns or removes excess stock
20. Ensures that rental equipment has safety and performance check by biomedical personnel.
a. Cleans and disinfects rental equipment.
21. Ensures that all equipment is issued proper tags.
a. Responsible for all inventory control programs in accordance with facility safety and security procedures.
22. Maintains C.S. distribution and bulk storage areas arranged by sections; labels shelves in areas to note what items belong on what shelves.
23. Keeps carts and shelves to standards: 6" from floor, 18" from ceiling.
24. Checks all incoming shipments for damage.
25. Properly processes instruments and trays
a. Uses proper cleaning materials to clean instruments and trays
b. Handles instruments in a manner which prolongs "life" of Instruments
c. Maintains proper records of instrumentation processing,
d. Demonstrates principles of aseptic techniques
e. Utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment during all components of instrument processing
26. Utilizes appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment to perform relevant cleaning functions on a variety of surfaces and finishes.
a. Uses chemicals properly and according to directions on the manufactures label.
b. Stores all supplies in properly labeled containers and in proper area
27. Adheres to bloodborne pathogen standards and standard precautions to include the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (eg, gloves, masks, eye protection, face shields) when cleaning the room and equipment and when handling any potentially infectious materials (eg, disposing of liquid waste).
28. Performs hand hygiene when gloves are removed and as soon as possible when hands are soiled.
29. Demonstrates the containment, cleaning, disinfection, and surveillance processes that are necessary during construction, repair, renovation, or demolition.

Required Experience:

Preferred two years experience in endoscopy.

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