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General Manager-In-Training

Looking for an opportunity to get ahead? Great! Now be sure to read everything until the end. At Domino’s we provide plenty opportunities. We are not normal pizza people. We are pizza fanatics. Together we create a career and chance to advance financially and professionally. 90% of our Franchisees started as delivery drivers and worked their way up to own one or more locations. If you have ever thought about going to college or technical school, consider this and education that pays. A typical trainee can learn our systems and be running their own store within a year.

In your first year as a manager, you can be earning up to $85,000 a year. Doesn’t this sound like training that would be worth your time investment? After one year of being a General Manager, you can go and franchise on your own. Not interested in Franchising, no problem! We have other advancement opportunities like Training Implementation Specialists, District Managers, Operations Directors, and Marketing Directors. All these positions need to be filled from within our company. We do not hire external people for these positions.

We currently have 9 locations in Bloomington Indiana, and Louisville Kentucky Locations. We intend on rapid growth by acquisitions and new builds. We have an extremely aggressive bonus plan for managers that would like to take on the challenge of a new location. The last General Manager that achieved our goal earned over $20,000 bonus and is now a District Manager.

You might be asking yourself “How does the training work and pay work?”. Let us explain. This is progressive pay and training. Like we said before, we like to promote within the company and keep reading until the end. We believe like many Franchisees before, starting as a delivery driver and learning the bread and butter of our company. If you want to be successful in our business this is where it starts and with a better understanding of what every team member in the company goes through at each stage, this will make you an effective leader. After delivering pizzas and getting a feel for the business, it is time to get you slinging some pizzas. This takes a lot of practice, but this is a great time to learn how operations work from within the store. Once you become a certified pizza maker you begin management training. We have 3 levels to go through and once completed you are eligible to run your own store. The timeline depends on you and your availability. Long story short, you will go through every stage of pay per level starting as a driver to a Level 3 Assistant Manager that earns bonuses. We are confident that you will earn a minimum of $50,000 within the first year with tips, mileage, wage, and bonuses. (working 45-50 hours a week). This is not bad that we pay you for this education. Most people don’t make this straight out of college.

Our highest paid manager earned over $100,000 last year. He also began as a pizza delivery driver. Pretty cool right? Now if you are interested in this opportunity, please understand there is no shortcuts in training. Most of what you learn is through experience. We are confident if you come with an all-in attitude, you will make plenty of money, work with cool people and give yourself plenty of doors in the future. This is not for everyone but if you apply, answer your phone. Opportunity is calling.

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