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    Proctor Hospital

    PRN-As Needed. Non-Benefitted

    The Procurement specialist has the primary responsibility of assuring proper procurement of specimens for clinical testing. This may include collection, transportation, ordering, labeling and processing of specimens as well as other support duties as required or assigned.

    Our team members are the compassionate core of who we are and how we serve. Every day we strive to live out our vision statement of "Best outcome every patient every time" through living out our FOCUS values of Foster Unity, Own the Moment, Champion Excellence, and Seize Opportunities.

    At UnityPoint Health, we provide care in nine regions throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. As the nation's fourth largest nondenominational health system in America, UnityPoint Health keeps people at the center of all we do. We are looking for dynamic and talented individuals to join our team. You'll find opportunities for every sized dream.


    Contributes to quality patient care by performing accurate and timely collection and transport of clinical specimens by utilizing established procedures.
      • Identifies patients using proper procedures prior to specimen collection.
      • Follows proper procedure in collection of specimens by venipuncture and micro-collection.
      • Accurately and legibly labels specimens collected placing Pathnet Identification number on label.
      • Collects quality specimens as assessed by low rejection rate.
      • Expedites STAT and highest priority specimens without delays.
      • Collects specimens in a timely manner.
      • Follows up with appropriate staff when collection cannot be completed or will be delayed.
      • Follows up on uncollected specimens.
      • Transports specimens following established protocol (i.e. on ice, kept in dark, etc.)
      • Follows MMCI safety policies.
      • Verifies specimen requirements or handling prior to collection if unfamiliar with test names.
      • Instructs patients, administers glucose solution, and collections blood specimens for glucose tolerance testing according to protocol.
      • Follows age specific care guidelines when procuring blood specimens from elderly patients (over 65 years of age):
      • Takes care to help build and protect sense of worth and feelings of adequacy: calls by name, faces patient, enunciates clearly, does not shout, explains slow and clearly, gives patient as much control over situation as possible.
      • Takes care when moving or bending arms or hands for procedures.
      • Carefully removes bandages to prevent skin damage.
      • Warns patient before turning on light.
      • Lowers volume of TV, radio when speaking to patient.
      • Gives detailed and repeated instructions including where they are and what is being done.
      • Always returns bed rails to raised position.
      • Follows age specific care guidelines when procuring blood specimens from adult patients:
      • Calls patient by name.
      • Faces patient when talking.
      • Gives detailed instructions of what is being done.
      • Returns bed rails to raised position if lowered during procedure.
      • Follows age specific care guidelines when procuring blood specimens from Neonate, Child or Adolescent:
      • Communicates to neonate using gentle physical communication rather than verbally, if communicating verbally uses a soft tone of voice, increases sense of security by holding or cuddling.
      • Informs toddler (1-3 years of age) of order of events, does not restrain if possible, encourages child with comments to boost self-esteem and reinforce trust ("You were good" or "You did a good job".
      • Explains accurate account of events to Preschooler (3-6 years of age) telling them when any pain should be felt; reassures child that procedure is to help not punishment; encourages verbal protests in place of physical resistance; performs phlebotomy procedures as quickly as possible to decrease anxiety level; rewards with stickers and special Band-Aids.
      • Explains procedure to Child/Adolescent (6-12 years age). Allow child-adolescent their own routine to deal with fear or pain, provides atmosphere that allows them to feel free to cry, get angry, or be upset.
      • Always returns bed rails to raised position.
    Processes and prepares clinical specimens for analysis following established procedures in accordance with certification standards. Ensures specimen integrity throughout the specimen handling process and distributes work in such a way as to process by highest priority.
      • Matches barcode label with proper specimen upon receipt of specimen.
      • Places label on specimen properly and places Pathnet Identification Number on label including aliquotted specimens.
      • Operates centrifuge according to standard operating procedure
      • Divides specimen with no less than minimum volume requirements.
      • Rechecks labels to ensure all aliquot tubes are present.
      • Sort all specimens by testing site/analyzer and delivers to correct location.
      • Processes and distributes specimens according to highest priority (i.e. STAT,TS, RT,etc.)
      • Processes in a timely manner.
      • Follows MMCI's safety policies.
      • Performs basic troubleshooting and maintenance on label printers, centrifuges, and other processing equipment.
      • Properly stores specimens according to protocol.
      • Verifies specimen requirements or handling when unsure/unfamiliar prior to processing.
      • Locates and retrieves specimens in storage for additional testing.
    Performs computer operations and order entry duties in a productive style and in such a way to ensure accuracy and completeness of data.
      • Enters collected specimen data into computer utilizing SPR and CLN properly to log specimens as received in the laboratory.
      • Monitors workload with CPR at frequent intervals for uncollected or pending specimens.
      • Follows up on orders pending on CPR; does not leave for next shift.
      • Orders additional tests on patients following the Add-On protocol.
      • Cancels tests following proper protocol.
      • Registers patients in the Laboratory Information System (LIS) accurately.
      • Orders tests in LIS/PCS (Patient Care System) accurately.
    Other job duties
      • Effectively communicates information and shares knowledge with peers, Managers, and internal/external customers in a timely manner.
      • Notifies customers of delays in collection, transport or processing functions.
      • Provides quality phlebotomy service at physician offices if scheduled.
      • Provides timely responses to customer's request and/or takes responsibility for directing the customer to appropriate personnel when necessary.
      • Follows proper telephone etiquette.
      • Follows up on problems, questions, and concerns.
      • Performs support duties and training necessary to ensure consistent daily operation of section.
      • Covers various position responsibilities as requested or scheduled.
      • Telephones clients for basic patient information or clarification on orders.
      • Monitors consumable inventory, stocks items as necessary, and alerts appropriate personnel for reorder when volume is low.
      • Keeps all work areas clean and neat; cleans work surfaces and utilizes the spill clean up procedure when necessary.
      • Properly disposes of specimen containers, sharps and other contaminated items utilizing the red and gray bags and red barrels appropriately.
      • Trains new personnel or students and supports the section when fellow employees are involved in training activities.

      • High School Diploma /GED Preferred
    Work Experience
      • 1-3 years of experience in/with working in phlebotomy in venipuncture and micropuncture techniques is preferred. Basic medical and laboratory terminology helpful. The ability to organize work and handle multiple tasks simultaneously is a must for this position. Attention to detail, timeliness, and a team approach attitude is Required.
    License and Certification
      • Additional Information: Phlebotomy training (certificate or previous on-the-job training) preferred.
    Required English Skills
      • Basic reading skills
      • Basic writing skills
      • Basic oral skills
    Communication Skills
      • Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker
      • Interaction with a wide variety of people
      • Maintain confidential information
      • Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information
      • Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor
    Computer Skills
      • Basic computer knowledge: Uses word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail application, and web browser. Comfortable within a Windows OS and learning new applications.
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