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    Job Description

    Job Description
    Job Title: Meat Manager
    Reports to: Store Director
    Salaried or Hourly: Hourly
    Job Code: 000740, 100584
    Department: Meat
    Date: March 2015
    Position Purpose: To direct the operation of the Meat Department, including
    supervising and training personnel. Ensures customer service and product quality,
    freshness, safety and selection.
    Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
    * Champions Company and Division customer service programs to meet or
    exceed Division customer service goals. Handles customer relations in a
    positive manner, including effective resolution of customer complaints.
    Promotes Albertson's philosophy of personalized service.
    * Supervising the day to day functions of the meat department to achieve
    customer service, and sales and profit objectives.
    * Supervises, motivates, directs, trains and participates in the hiring of meat
    department personnel. Monitors associate performance and recommend
    personnel actions such as hiring, firing, layoff and disciplinary actions.
    Schedules personnel to ensure adequate coverage and service levels and to
    meet department budgetary objectives.
    * Conducts daily inspections of all meat sections and initiates corrective
    measures to ensure compliance with product quality and trimming and
    grinding procedures, rotates products, maintains in stock conditions, code
    date standards, and sanitation, safety and security requirements.
    * Assists with all meat department duties such as: receiving, storage, cleaning,
    customer service, cutting, grinding, wrapping and packaging and stocking.
    * Implements effective promotional and seasonal displays. Controls shrink and
    expenses. Accurately completes and monitors daily log sheet, purchase
    report, and sales and labor and other required paperwork and logs. Maintains
    records on ad items movement.
    * Orders, checks, receives and controls inventory to ensure adequate and
    proper inventory level, product quality and freshness and to prevent the sale
    of out of code products. Takes periodic inventories, processes administrative
    paperwork and maintains accurate department records. Maintains and
    organizes meat department cooler and freezer.
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    Job Description -- Meat Manager
    * Ensures that product quality, trimming, grinding, packaging, labeling, rotation
    and wrapping standards are met.
    * Ensures proper merchandising of product by understanding and implementing
    schematics, merchandising of advertised items, proper signing procedures
    and monitoring product flow. Complies with retail labeling laws, federal and
    state regulations and Company policies.
    * Follows Company policy in pricing and handling re-worked and reduced-toclear items. Complies with all federal, state and local health, and food
    handling and safety standards.
    * Checks competitors for comparisons on prices, product variety and
    merchandising procedures.
    * Handles customer relation. Assists customers by taking and filling special
    orders. Makes product suggestions and engages in suggestive selling. May
    make intercom announcements.
    * Ensures cleanliness and sanitation of sales floor and work area, freezer and
    cooler, equipment, and retail cases.
    * Answering and responding incoming calls appropriately. Receives and
    appropriately resolves customer complaints and reports to the Store Director
    as appropriate.
    * Attends required training.
    * Maintains and cleans knives, scales, steamers, display cases, saws, meat
    tenderizers, slicers, cubers and wrapping equipment.
    * Assists with implementing emergency procedures in the event of equipment
    and computer software malfunctions.
    * Ensures that all associates are trained and instructed in the proper
    performance of work duties. Monitors associate performance and reports
    observations to the Store Director. Resolves associate complaints and
    reports to the Store Director as appropriate.
    * Maintains confidentiality concerning associates, store sales and other
    Company information.
    * Responsible for performing all job duties and responsibilities safely,
    accurately and with honesty and integrity.
    * Other necessary and required duties.
    Skills and Physical Requirements:
    * Requires working knowledge of all job duties within the Meat Department
    including cutting, wrapping, steaming, grinding, cubing, tenderizing and
    customer service.
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    Job Description -- Meat Manager
    * Requires strong communication skills, good leadership and interpersonal
    skills, the proven ability to manage people and the ability to maintain
    composure in dealing with customers and co-workers.
    * Requires knowledge of employment laws and workplace practices.
    * Requires a good understanding of company policies and Meat Department
    policies and procedures. Requires the ability to judge and react to business
    * Must have knowledge of product variety, standards, perishability, food safety,
    sanitation, labeling and department policies and procedures.
    * Frequently reaches, lifts, stacks and maneuvers objects of varying dimensions
    and weights up to approximately 80 lbs. Bends, stoops and reaches
    frequently and occasionally climbs ladders. Pushes and pulls fully loaded
    hand trucks, high boys and pallet jacks. Performs repetitious arm movement
    to prepare and package products.
    * Manual dexterity and good eye-hand coordination are necessary. Must be
    able to operate meat cutting utensils and equipment.
    * Mental alertness is necessary to ensure safe and accurate completion of work
    activities. Requires knowledge of basic mathematics and weights and
    measures. Must have knowledge of taste, content and perishability of
    products, safety and sanitation procedures and department policies and
    * Operates computer software and electronic ordering devices to order
    products, plan sales, input inventory and schedules, and print labels.
    * Utilizes knives, saws, cutters, grinders and other cutting equipment. Utilizes
    cleaning supplies and equipment. Utilizes safety cutters. Requires use of
    safety gloves.
    * Knowledge of profit and loss statements.
    * Will be required to work nights, weekends and holidays. Scheduled hours will
    vary. Good attendance is required.
    * Exposure to potential hazards exists with respect to cutting equipment and
    other work aids necessary to perform job duties.
    Work Environment:
    * Hands remain moist during majority of work time. Requires the ability to
    work for prolonged periods of time in an environment with a temperature
    range of 40˚ to 50˚ Fahrenheit.
    * Exposure to 35˚ Fahrenheit while handling products in cold cases, 28˚
    Fahrenheit in cooler and -20 degrees Fahrenheit in freezer.
    * Working conditions consist of a temperature controlled store environment.
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    Job Description -- Meat Manager
    Safety -- Sensitive Position:
    Job responsibilities include tasks or duties that could affect the safety or health of the
    employee performing the task or others.
    The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work performed by
    employees assigned to this job. If you have questions regarding your ability to
    physically perform the listed job duties and requirements -- e.g. lifting, standing,
    bending, etc. - please speak to your Store Director. All team members must comply
    with Company, Division, and Store policies and applicable laws. The responsibilities,
    duties and skills required of personnel so classified may vary within each store and from
    store to store.
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