$11 per hour
Full-time, Part-time
The batch position at Farmers Service Co is responsible for loading trucks using manual and command batch. This job requires intimate knowledge of the plant operational systems and maintenance as well as the systems computer. 
General responsibilities
	Plant start up – every morning the startup procedure shall be performed followed by confirmation that all systems are online and functioning properly.
	Batching and loading trucks – Batch mix either manually or through command batch as necessary in an accurate and timely manner.
	Plant Maintenance- Ensure plant is properly greased as necessary, all systems are in top shape and function as expected. Do not allow items to begin to fail before they are addressed. Plant maintenance is to be proactive. 
	Inventory management – record daily inventories and supply the info to the supervisor. 
	Plant image and appearance- The plant should be tidy, and clean with no accumulations of aggregates or materials. All belt tailings, overspill and waste should be cleaned daily so every morning the plant is free of any debris from previous days operation. All storage areas must be organized and maintained daily. 
	The plant manager must be proficient on the loader to fill hoppers as necessary, clean up waste and tailings, etc. 
	The job requires climbing to heights to complete maintenance items, as necessary.
	Batch certifications are necessary, and training can be made available through school courses. Extensive use of math is required for daily operations and for training program. 
	The plant operator is expected to offer leadership to drivers to maintain vehicles, set slumps and safely operate the trucks when in proximity to the plant. 


High School or GED. Strong math skills. 

Job Benefits

Seeking applicants that are self motivated and have a positive attitude. 

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