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Cashier/Counter service

10721 N. May,
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Full-time, Part-time
Job Summary:
The Cashier works productively as part of the restaurant team and performs his or her job responsibilities in such a way that all customers are greeted promptly and their orders are filled correctly and efficiently.


Job Requirements
Performance Results:
* Serves customers according to the Ten Customer Service Standards, the Five Priority Guidelines, the Remedy Process, and the Telephone and Front Counter procedures.
* Prepares high quality products consistently by following Little Caesars(R) recipes, speci?cations and procedures as described in the CARDS materials and as shown on the station job helpers.
* Displays the proper image as outlined in the Magnum Foods Inc., employee handbook and/or as directed by the management staff.
* Cleans and organizes work stations and other assigned areas to help maintain the standards for restaurant image as outlined in the Magnum Foods Inc., employee handbook.
* Practices safety and security procedures as de?ned in the Magnum Foods Inc., Employee Handbook and recommended or required by government agencies.
* Follows Magnum Foods Inc., policies, procedures, and standards of conduct as outlined in the Employee Handbook and as directed by management.
Nature & Scope
The Cashier receives direction from the restaurant management team and Magnum Foods Inc., training materials to effectively perform the job. Cashiers must follow established procedures and use the proper tools associated with taking and preparing customer orders. All Cashiers must be proficient at each of the front counter responsibilities including cash management. Cashiers need to work in cooperation with other Crew Members and management to achieve restaurant goals. Cashiers will be scheduled according to Magnum Foods Inc., business needs and therefore no guarantee of hours can be made. This position requires physical work such as lifting, squatting, and standing up for long periods of time on any given day. Please discuss the job responsibilities with your Manager. He/she will review the essential job functions, which are normally de?ned as the fundamental activities conducted on a daily or regular basis that will affect the success of the restaurant.
Task Analysis
Due to the active role the Cashier plays, this position requires physical work such as:
? The ability to lift up to 55 pounds.
? The ability to push and pull up to 55 pounds.
? The ability to squat or crouch to lift items form floor level.
? Ability for twisting of the back up to 90 degrees left and right.
? Ability for bending of the back up to a minimum of 90 degrees to lift objects from the floor.
? Ability for bending of one or both arms to shoulders up to 100%.
? Ability to lift one or both arms from side up to 100%.
? Ability to lift one or both arms over head up to 100%.
? The ability to reach and move items from as high as six feet and as low as six inches off the ground.
? The ability to control and utilize equipment safely and correctly; i.e. the sheeter machine, vertical cutting mixer (must be 18 years or over), the sauce ladle, cheese cups, pan grippers, spatula, pizza and dough cutter, different types of knives, can opener, pastry brush, scales, microwave, telephone, cash register, etc.
? The ability to "Shakerboard" by working outside holding a sign (must be 18 years or over).
? The ability to apply pressure to cut through and to clean products.
? The ability to count cash and credit card receipts and calculate cash balance.
? The ability to process and complete customers orders, including counting money and processing credit card transactions properly.
? Must be able to follow directions and communicate (i.e. speaking, reading, hearing, writing) with customers, crew and management.
? Must be able to work with 650? oven temperatures.
? Must be able to withstand 90? + heat in the summer and below freezing in the winter.
? Must be able to stand for long periods of time.
? Must have mobility to get to multiple stations within the restaurant.
* Must be able to see sufficiently to maintain safety and determine product quality, service and cleanliness.

Additional Information
PLEASE NOTE: Magnum Foods Inc., reserves the right to change, modify, suspend, interpret, or cancel in whole, or in any part, any of the job duties outlined above, at any time and without advance notice to the Crew Member.

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