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Inventory Associate

Crystal Lake, IL 60014
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Position Title: Inventory Associate

Reporting into Title: Inventory Supervisor

Business and Department:    VPW

Position Purpose/Summary: Inventory Associate performs cycle counts in a warehouse and production environment. The work provided by the IA is to be accurate and reported according to organization protocol or account specific process.

Direct Reports (or attach organization chart)                   


Knowledge-Skills-Abilities (minimum)


High School education or equivalent expected.

Certification: Forklift – current status

Experience (years and topics):

A minimum of 6 months using a forklift

A minimum of 6 months prior activity relating to inventory control

Computer literate/RF Scanners

Recent past experience as a dependable employee, particularly relating to low absenteeism and tardiness.

Demonstrated capacity to receive work direction and perform to the expectation assigned.

Understands how to participate as a member of a team; supports the goals of the team.

Willing and able to work alongside a variety of people, with emphasis on respect and safety.

Capable to utilize a computer  or RF Scanners

Technology/Software (years):

Capable to utilize a computer  or RF Scanners


Expected to be able to receive information and perform the tasks assigned; likewise able to express themselves so as to avoid problems, errors, issues, or misunderstanding situations.

Physical Capabilities (add lines as needed)

Strength (lifting, dexterity, repetitive motion):

Have ability to regularly lift, carry, turn and raise; and/or lift turn and bend down to place a unit weighing up to 50 lb. on to a pallet or stack of units.  Frequency could be every 3 to 5 seconds.

Have ability to retrieve merchandise from shelves up to 6 feet high.

Movement (standing, stopping, sitting, crouching, crawling):

Have full mobility in, and use of, arms, hands and legs.

Hearing (loud noise tolerance, quiet work area, public speaking, receive work direction):

Able to function in a semi loud environment, with frequent loud bursts of noise (such as backup siren)

Vision (judge distance, read signs, extended computer work, identify details):

Able to see so as to operate machinery safely and efficiently.


Travel: NONE

Vehicle (own): able to meet work location and work time expectations

Tools (own): NONE

Technology (own): NONE


Position Responsibilities-Tasks-Deliverables

All duties as assigned and the following specific activities. (enlarge space as needed)

Performs daily cycle count audits provided by Inventory Supervisor in a timely manner.

ICR (Item Count Request) performed daily in a timely manner.

Prepares disposal shipments for outbound shipment per customer requests.

Prepares RTS (Return To Stock) documentation before returning items back into the stockroom.

Maintains a continuous work pace that supports production and warehouse goals.

Maintains cGMP’s and housekeeping programs.

Follows rules and regulations to ensure food safety, quality, and legality.

Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with their department.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

On-going outcome that is measurable (minimum of 3)

Displays exceptional attention to detail when completing daily cycle count audits.

Demonstrates efficient time management abilities by consistently completing ICR (Item Count Request) on time, in addition to other job duties. 

Possesses exceptional teamwork skills by maintaining positive working relationships

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