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$30000.0 to $100000.0 annually
Full-time, Part-time
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At any given moment, hundreds of complex networked computer systems are operating in tandem to

keep ships and submarines operating at their best. The specialized training you’ll receive in this field will

pave the way to careers in IT and network support, computer programming, web development and

information security.

The mission of the Navy Reserve is to provide strategic depth and deliver operational capabilities to the

Navy and Marine Corps team and Joint forces, in times of peace or war. Navy Reserve Sailors seamlessly

support and actively aid that mission, all while continuing to lead their own independent lives in the

civilian world. If you’re interested in becoming an Aircrewman in the Navy Reserve, check out the

following careers available in the field.



When a network goes down, vital information may be lost, from global satellite data to special

intelligence communications. That’s why it’s critical that trained Information Systems Technicians

are on board to make sure networks and related systems are designed and operated properly

and errors are fixed without any interruption to the mission.


Collect intel on everything—data on foreign cultures, enemy movements, current weather

forecasts, etc. Then, use it to create cohesive intelligence briefings for high-ranking Navy

officials. Your deep understanding of global culture and battlespaces makes you a critical

component of mission readiness. Solid intel isn’t easy to come by, but as an IS, you can save lives

by helping us stay ready for anything.


Languages are more than just communication—they’re cultural codes that need to be analyzed

and in some cases, broken. As a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) you’re more than a

linguist—you’re a cultural expert, able to translate and interpret foreign communications.


There aren’t many careers that require a security clearance before you learn about everything

you’ll be doing on the job. But as a Cryptologic Technician Collection, much about your role is

classified. What we can tell you is this: you will intercept signals to provide tactical and strategic

intelligence, technical guidance and information to ships and special warfare units. Your job is to

report threats to protect the fleet and save lives. We’re looking for someone whose brain is built

for solving puzzles and picking out patterns most will miss. As a CTR, a sharp mind is your

strongest asset.


As a Cryptologic Technician Networks, you fight in the battlespace of the future. Use state-ofthe-

art technology to perform offensive and defensive cyber operations, investigating and

tracking enemies while also protecting our networks from attacks. As an expert in

communication defense and forensics, you’ll be expected to rise to the ever-evolving challenge

of maintaining cybersecurity.


When you serve your country, you become a part of something truly important – and you deserve to be

rewarded accordingly. Navy Reserve Sailors enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits, from state-of-theart

training to extensive educational assistance, VA benefits and more.

In return for your service and dedication, the Navy Reserve provides you with the benefits to succeed in

both your military and civilian lives:

• Receive 4 days of basic pay for only 2 days worked (16 hours) each drill weekend

• Opportunities to acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones, enhancing your civilian career

• Educational assistance

• Tax-free, worldwide Navy Exchange and commissary privileges for you and your family

• VA guaranteed home loans

• Low-cost insurance options, including up to $400,000 in life insurance

• Travel opportunities

• Earn points toward retirement benefits every time you drill

• Retirement after 20 qualifying years



Navy Reserve Sailors continue to hold educational opportunities through Tuition Assistance, DANTES

and their post 9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill. Further education opportunities are also available through

the US Naval War College and Senior Enlisted Academy, as well as certifications and licenses available

through the Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL).


• U.S. citizen or equivalent

• High school graduate or equivalent

• 17 years of age or older

General qualifications may vary depending upon whether you’re currently serving, whether you’ve

served before or whether you’ve never served before.


Serving part-time as a Navy Reserve Sailor, your duties will be carried out during your scheduled drilling

and training periods. During monthly drilling, Sailors in the Navy Reserve typically work at a location

close to their homes.

Required qualifications:

  • 17 years or older
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States
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