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In this role, the Restaurant Manager will support the General Manager by providing coaching to the team and creating and supporting a fun, inviting work environment where the team feels respected and valued. The Restaurant Manager will know how to identify 5-Star talent and how to put the right people in the right places at the right time through effective scheduling. With the support of a General Manager (GM) or District Manager (DM), the Restaurant Manager will manage the daily operations and staff of a Wendy’s restaurant. The Restaurant Manager will be responsible for the execution of all Company policies, procedures, programs and systems. In this role, the Restaurant Manager will ensure the achievement of all restaurant objectives while following all Company guidelines and ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws and ethical business practices. The Restaurant Manager will lead, interview, select, direct, train and develop all subordinate employees with the support of the GM or DM. The Restaurant Manager is responsible for the hiring, training, and continuing development of the crew in the restaurant. In summary, the Restaurant Manager assists the General Manager in operating and maintaining the restaurant to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction. 



Sales and Profits 

• Responsible for managing labor costs by evaluating labor needs against projected sales during the shift. 

• Responsible for monthly review of budget and P&L. 

• Builds sales by promoting customer satisfaction. 

• Manages costs by monitoring crew prep, production, and procedures execution. 

• Tracks waste levels by using established procedures and monitoring crew position procedures. 

• Communicates to General Manager or District Manager any problems in sales and profit related to shift management. 

• Assists General Manager or District Manager in executing restaurant sales and profits plan as defined. 

• Monitors food costs to eliminate waste and theft. 


Staffing & Hiring 

• Processes crew applications and sets up interviews; checks references. 

• Interviews and hires crew to ensure adequate coverage. 

• Monitors crew turnover rate and causes; makes recommendations to the General Manager or District Manager. 



• Monitors product quality during shift by talking with customers during walk-throughs and when working off-line. 

• Monitors product quality by managing crew performance and providing feedback. 



• Takes service times and determines efficiency. 

• Trains crew to respond promptly to customer needs. 

• Trains crew in customer courtesy. 

• Takes corrective action with crew to improve service times. 

• Trains crew to solicit feedback to determine customer satisfaction. • Establishes and communicates daily S.O.S. goals. 



• Trains crew to maintain restaurant cleanliness during shift. 

• Follows restaurant cleaning plan. 

• Directs crew to correct cleaning deficiencies. 



• Trains crew in new products. 

• Assists General Manager in training new managers. 

• Trains crew using the Crew Orientation and Training process. 

• Trains new crew in initial position skills. 

• Cross-trains crew as necessary for efficient coverage of positions during shifts. 

• Recognizes high-performing crewmembers to General Manager or District Manager. 



• Follows flowcharts to ensure crew is meeting prep and production goals. 

• Monitors inventory levels to ensure product availability. 

• Maintains security of cash, product and equipment during shifts. 

• Follows restaurant priorities established by the General Manager. • Follows restaurant priorities established by the General Manager. • Follows restaurant plan set by the General Manager or District Manager. 

• Ensures proper execution of standards and procedures when managing shifts. 

• Manages shift to Q.S.C. level of 80% or better. 

• Takes appropriate action when problems are anticipated or identified. 


Policies and Procedures 

• Follows procedures outlined in the Operations manual. 

• Maintains safe working conditions in restaurant as outlined in company policies and procedures. 

• Follows company policy for cash control. 

• Reports accidents promptly and accurately. 

• Follows procedures for resolving operational procedures indicated by Health Department Inspectors. 

• Manages shifts effectively using guidelines within "Managing Better Shifts" or similar checklist. 



• Performs administrative duties as required by the General Manager or District Manager. 

• Writes crew schedule to meet plans and objectives of General Manager or District Manager. 

• Complies with company standards for crew benefits if applicable. 



• Follows Preventative Maintenance Program. 

• Trains and monitors crew to maintain equipment.  

• Follows procedures for reporting maintenance problems; tracks progress to completion. 


Employee Relations 

• Uses consistent practices in managing performance problems with crew. 

• Manages crew in a manner which maximizes retention. 

• Follows grievance process when crew members bring problems to Restaurant Manager’s attention. 

• Executes plans to reduce crew turnover. 

• Provides consistent crew communication. 

• Provides priorities and task assignments to crew to accomplish restaurant goals. 

• Mentors crew members who express interest in leadership positions. 

• Creates/contributes to atmosphere that fosters teamwork and crew member motivation. 


Performance Management 

• Takes appropriate corrective action in response to performance problems of crew. 

• Conducts crew performance reviews on a timely basis. 




• Wendy's operating systems and procedures. 

• Wendy's policies and procedures related to job responsibilities. 

• Supervisory practices. 

• Interviewing practices. 

• Crew orientation and training program. 



• College degree or equivalent experience in operations. 



• 1 year of line operations experience in the restaurant industry. 

• Must be able to perform all restaurant operations positions/functions 



• General knowledge of state and federal employment laws. 

• Ability to quickly become knowledgeable about and able to train others in Wendy’s systems (i.e., WeLearn, etc) and on employee development programs 

• The Restaurant Manager job requires standing for long periods of time without a break. 

• The Restaurant Manager job requires being able to meet the requirements of all subordinate positions. 

• Must possess valid driver’s license. 

• Physical inspections of all areas of restaurant 

• Ability to work, concentrate and perform duties accurately in a fast paced environment that may involve noise and hot/cold temperatures or other elements. 

• Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time.  

• Position requires the use of a headset. Frequent lifting and carrying (up to 25-50 pounds, as necessary), reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, kneeling and stooping is involved 

• Ability to multi-task while maintaining composure and giving sound advice and direction. 

• Must be able to take direction, give direction, work well in a team environment and have a strong customer orientation focus. 

• Must exhibit professionalism, composure, and discretion when expediting or resolving all customer related concerns and issues 

• Flexibility to work a 50-hour work week. 

• Must be available to report to work promptly and regularly, and to work all day parts and days of the week. 

• Must have and maintain ServSafe certification 

• Move and inspect all supplies in restaurant

Required qualifications:

  • Legally authorized to work in the United States

Preferred qualifications:

  • Valid driver's license
Posting ID: 663421236 Posted: 2021-09-26 Job Title: Restaurant Manager