2633 Springs Road

Vallejo, CA 94591

While we’re proud of the ingredients we use, Round Table is more than just freshness and quality. We’re the place where you’ll find unique, innovative pizza creations that expertly combine flavors no one else can match. Over the years we’ve introduced more than 30 successful new products, including many that are mainstays of our menu today. There are a lot of places that serve pizza. But there’s no one else with the freshness and flavors you’ll always find at the best place for pizza: your neighborhood Round Table — The Last Honest Pizza.

Dough Roller


Round Table Pizza’s Dough Roller job is the lifeline of the food chain. The employee is required to be able to prepare and bake high quality dough at a very rapid pace. Very importantly, the Round Table Pizza Dough Roller must be able to do short cooking service effectively as many people may place order from many destinations requiring specially made pizzas. The ability to use standard kitchen machines and utensils is very crucial as well as the ability to relate very cordially with other staff of the outlet.

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Posting ID: 68810913 Posted: 2021-10-26 Job Title: Dough Roller