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19350 Winmeade Dr, Lansdowne, VA 20176
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This is a full time position.  

SUMMARY. Primary responsibility is to Take Excellent Care Of Our Customers by satisfying each customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations. This requires maintaining: price file, shelf tag accuracy, and the signs for the entire store.

Customers are among Harris Teeter’s most valuable assets. Every associate represents Harris Teeter to our customers and the public. The way associates perform their jobs presents an image of the entire Company. Customers judge Harris Teeter by how they are treated each time they have contact with an associate. Therefore, one of the top business priorities is to assist any customer or potential customer. Nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in the attention given to customers.


Harris Teeter will provide training to all associates who have extensive customer contact. If a customer wishes to make a specific comment or complaint that you cannot resolve, you are required to direct that person to department management or manager-on-duty for appropriate action. Remember that all contacts with the public in person, over the telephone, and through any communication reflect not only on an individual associate but on Harris Teeter as a whole. Positive customer relations will not only enhance the public's image of Harris Teeter, but also pay off in greater customer loyalty and increased sales and profit.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.



Initiate interaction with customers on the sales floor. Ask the customers questions regarding their shopping needs. Provide customers information needed to meet their taste and meal requirements. Follow through on customer requests.

Your job performance are required to demonstrate the highest level of customer service. Never be rude to a customer under any circumstance.

Follow through on customer requests.  If you cannot say “yes” to a customer’s request, bring in department

management or  the manager-on-duty.   Never turn down business.

Make eye contact with and smile at every customer. Speak to customers in a genuine, clear, and enthusiastic manner

and ask if they found everything they were looking for. 


Reflect an appropriate business image to customers and visitors. How you dress, your grooming and personal cleanliness standards all contribute to that image and also to the morale of your fellow associates.  During business hours or whenever representing Harris Teeter, you are expected to present a clean, neat, and tasteful appearance. You are required to always dress and groom yourself according to our Company policy that reflects accepted conservative norms.


Be reliable and punctual by reporting for work on time and as scheduled. When you are absent or late, it places a burden on other associates and can impact productivity and service. In the rare instances when you cannot avoid being late or are unable to work as scheduled, notify your supervisor or Manager-on-duty two (2) hours in advance of your scheduled start time so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


Maintain price accuracy, shelf tag accuracy, and sign program for the entire store according to Company standards. This requires reaching heights from 6 to 72 inches when standing on floor.  Will also have to climb ladder to change signs positioned higher.

Execute price file maintenance and ensure that required scan accuracy % is achieved and maintained. Manually perform file maintenance when appropriate. Perform new load procedures when appropriate.

Conduct aisle scans and MSI price check according to Company standards.  Utilize appropriate equipment and technology to perform job functions according to expectations and standards.

Ensure that all shelf tags and sign changes are made in all departments. Order and create shelf tags and signs as appropriate.

Maintain history of scan errors and items not in system. Report this information according to standards.

Maintain history on temporary price reductions (Manager's Specials, etc.). Ensure that regular price is effective when appropriate.

Comply with and enforce state and local ABC laws and Department of Agriculture (weights and measures) regulations.

Communicate in English with customers and fellow associates regarding requests, current sales promotions, marketing campaigns, and essential products. When a customer asks where a product is located, take the customer to the product.


Inform management of the lack of advertised items and/or samples, incorrect prices, missing signs, departmental changes, and/or other situations as appropriate.


Understand the overall store operation. Adapt to various situations and adjust to shifting priorities. Be flexible and able to perform multiple tasks. Complete paperwork accurately and maintain proper records.


Balance taking direction with taking initiative and demonstrate the flexibility required to accomplish the duties of the entire shift.


Provide assistance to fellow associates to complete daily tasks such as unloading trucks, checking in deliveries, taking inventory, restocking and organizing display merchandisers and coolers, and other duties as assigned.


Follow all safety regulations and help keep the store free of dangerous situations. Immediately inform store management of all accidents and/or safety hazards. Record accidents and safety hazards in the designated log.


Ensure that chemicals are handled, mixed, and applied according to directions and in compliance to the Hazard Communication Program Manual.


Inform management of the lack of advertised items, incorrect prices, missing signs, departmental changes, and/or other situations as appropriate.


Be knowledgeable of and perform fixed activities when business is light. (i.e. sweeping, cleaning, blocking, straightening, etc.)


Establish a working and shopping environment of trust, respect, and integrity.


Take Excellent Care Of Your Fellow Associates. Be a team player. Support and assist your fellow associates without complaint. Be open to new ideas and opportunities. Follow through with any special requests or recommendations from management.


Comply with Company standards, policies, and procedures.



Perform essential job functions throughout scheduled hours. 


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