Grocery Clerk

180 Cambridge St., Burlington, MA
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Job Description

The Grocery Clerk is responsible for assisting and servicing customers in the Grocery
department. He/she must have excellent customer service skills, as they may work one
on one with customers in the store. He/she is responsible for following the customer
satisfaction behaviors, to include being friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and
passionate. He/she stocks and replenishes the Grocery shelves, Health & Beauty Care,
Dairy and Frozen Foods cases and other miscellaneous areas. This includes the use of
wheeled carts and/or pallet jacks to transport product from the backroom and
cooler/freezer areas to the sales floor. He/she is responsible for pricing and rotation of
product when necessary. Grocery clerks also unload trailer deliveries. He/she must
maintain the Grocery area in a clean/sanitary and visually appealing manner.

• This position reports to: Grocery Manager, Assistant Grocery Manager
• Position(s)that report directly to this position: Full time clerks may supervise, train, and
develop part time clerks when assigned.

• Work in a courteous manner in a fast paced multi functional environment alone or with
other people.
• Assist in increasing sales by utilizing the five steps of retail selling – Connect with the
customer; qualify the customer; present solutions; closing the sale and create a customer
for life.
• Reading and completing an assignment sheet upon which the amount of product stocked
each shift is recorded by the clerk. Other duties performed must be recorded as well.
• Load and unload product weighing up to 60 lbs. from pallets stacked to a height of 6 feet.
• Pull pallets weighing several hundred pounds from trailers into backroom areas and/or
onto sales floor.
• Lift and load 5-60 lb cases onto stock carts and push or pull large carts to stocking area.
• Open boxes and other containers with the use of a box cutter when appropriate.
• Manually remove product from cartons and replenish Grocery shelves and/or refrigerated
cases with product on a continuous basis. The continuous stocking of shelves requires
significant repetitive motion as well as reaching above the shoulders for upper shelves
and bending and/or stooping to reach lower shelves.
• Must work quickly and carefully while stocking items at a reasonable expectancy (R/E).
• Visually identify product and read display signs including shelf tags.
• Break down boxes (flatten) and transport to storage area.

• Read display information and other documents (bulletins, etc.) when necessary.
• Work in a moderate/cool/cold environment.
• Visually identify and remove poor quality/outdated product from counters.
• Interact and communicate with others in a courteous and professional manner including
greeting and thanking customers.
• Deal with some potentially difficult situations (such as dissatisfied customers).

• Place broken down cardboard into cardboard baler (must be at least 18 years old).
• Making bales of cardboard which involves the wrapping and twisting of heavy gauge
wires to hold the bale together (must be at least 18 years old).
• Ordering product with the use of hand held computerized devices.
• Writing amount of backroom stock and affix to shelf when required.
• Lift and load product weighing up to 70 lbs.
• Sweep, clean up, and mop areas as assigned by supervisor.
• Clean display cases, shelving and fill supplies when needed.
• Taking verbal orders over the telephone and writing down pertinent information.
• Other duties as assigned.

• The Grocery Manager or Asst. Grocery Manager generally assigns the work.
• Grocery clerk should review and get approval from his/her supervisor prior to performing
any work that was not previously assigned.
• The Grocery Manager generally prepares work schedules on a weekly basis.
• Time off requests should be made directly to the Grocery Manager within the appropriate
time constraints as dictated by the individual manager’s preference.

• Grocery clerks are responsible to respond to customer requests and provide good
customer service.
• Grocery clerks should have a good knowledge of product location within the department.
• Grocery clerks are not to leave their assignment without notifying the supervisor on duty.
• Grocery clerks are responsible for knowing and understanding all Grocery specific
policies and procedures.
• Responsible for performing their work in a safe and ergonomically correct manner.
• Any unsafe working conditions must be reported to the supervisor on duty immediately.

• Must be able to relate to the following in a courteous and professional manner:
o Customers
o Supervisors
o Co-workers
o Store Management
o Vendors
o Other people with whom they have contact while on duty

• Must be at least 16 years old.
• If under 18 years old, a work permit or educational certificate may be required.
• Must be over 18 to perform some functions within the department.
• Excellent customer service skills.
• On the job training is provided.

• Prior stocking experience.
• Ability to work quickly and accurately.
• High school graduate or currently enrolled in school.

• Stores are usually open 7 days a week.
• Part time associates usually work between 8 and 36 hours a week.
• Full time associates usually work 40 hours a week.
• Grocery clerk requires the performance of repetitive tasks.
• Grocery clerk requires significant lifting and carrying of product.
• Retail store conditions are generally dry with moderate temperature.
• Grocery back room conditions are generally moderate.
• Cooler conditions may be wet or dry, and usually cold.
• Freezer conditions are usually very cold.
• Associates in the Grocery are usually scheduled according to peak stocking times.

• This may be a part time or full time position.
• This is considered an entry-level position.
• Food safety awareness is required in this position.

• It is important to understand that all Grocery clerks must have the ability to deal with
some potentially difficult situations (such as dissatisfied customers) to perform this
position in a satisfactory manner.
This position and job description are subject to change, with or without notice. The inclusion of specific duties and
responsibilities in this job description is not intended to exclude other duties and responsibilities: From time to time
the associate may be assigned duties and/or responsibilities in addition to or different than those set forth above.
This job description, alone or considered together with other written or verbal statements of the Company or its
representatives, is not a contract of employment, nor does it change the at-will status of any associate of Shaw’s
Supermarkets, Inc. 

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