Urban Food Group
    7828 E-Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC
    Full-time, Part-time
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    Job Description

    UFG Bartenders represent the pinnacle of service within our restaurants. They are Hospitality personified, and represent Urban Food Group's commitment to our guest, our community, and our profitability.

    Bartenders are responsible for maintaining the requirements set forth in the Hosts portion, the Back Waits & Food Runners portion, AND the Servers portion of the UFG Job Descriptions.

    In addition, UFG Bartenders are expected to have the following abilities:
    - Ability to carry cases of alcohol
    - Ability to open wine bottles, liquor bottles, cans, and other containers.
    - Ability to maintain and take responsibility for cash and financially related papers
    - Ability to properly count cash accurately, including making change for guests when necessary
    - Ability to change and replace all carbon dioxide tanks
    - Ability to change out- or assist in changing out- empty kegs
    - Ability to accurately record Take-Out orders over the phone
    - Ability to make drinks on demand, with a proper understanding of alcohol content
    - Ability to maintain a current and working knowledge of spirits, beer and wine
    - Ability to memorize a large quantity of drink recipes
    - Ability to properly pour liquor to specified amounts
    - Ability to recognize the signs of a guest that is in danger of over consumption of alcohol
    - Ability to handle guests under the influence of alcohol properly and with firm, but compassionate responses
    - Ability to maintain a working knowledge of A.L.E. and A.B.C. laws and regulations
    - Ability to accurately judge whether or not a guest is under the age of 30, and if so, ask for proper proof of Identification before serving alcohol to said guest
    - Ability to handle stress and maintain composure when interacting with co-workers, guests and guest complaints
    - Ability to deal with time constraints
    - Ability to multi-task, and recognize and acknowledge new bar guests while occupied
    - Ability to maintain a thorough awareness of an entire bar area, and anticipate guest needs
    - Ability to quickly greet a new bar guest
    - Ability to work quickly, while maintaining a clean bar environment
    - Ability to maintain a clean bar top at all times
    - Ability to stock and re-stock alcohol according to pars
    - Ability to properly and accurately set up a bar to UFG standard

    and most importantly:

    UFG Bartenders are Expected to Provide Friendly and Responsible Alcohol Service
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