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Full-time, Part-time

959 Niagara St

Buffalo, NY 14213


The Store Manager will manage, direct and supervise the daily operations of store. He/ She will maintain a pleasant and courteous environment to customers and team members according to Company goals, policies, and procedures.



·      Direct, supervise, and organize all daily retail operations of store according to Company policy.

·      Prepare and oversee proper and thorough preparation of necessary reports and paperwork by employees daily, weekly, monthly.

·      Maintain staffing (hiring and employee reorganization); create schedules to meet business needs and ensure excellent customer service.

·      Ensure that all state and federal labor laws/ regulations are adhered to; interact with Human Resources department on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

·      Maintain clean and polished appearance of store all areas of the store, both indoor and outdoor; make repairs as necessary.

·      Ensure all required marketing (posters, signage, etc.) are displayed appropriately.

·      Maintain professional conduct, display a positive attitude, and adhere to Dress Code policy at all times during work shifts, enforce Dress Code policy to employees.

·      Practice excellent customer service to everyone who enters the store, assist with purchases and up-sell items to increase store profitability (includes car washes).

·      Effectively utilize all transactional equipment (cash registers, electronic safe, lottery, fuel, phone card, EBT, and credit card, etc.) to efficiently process customer transactions. Provide assistance/training to all store personnel in utilizing transactional equipment.

·      Adhere to and enforce proper cash handling procedures to prevent losses and enforce security controls established by Company (drive-offs, burglary, theft prevention, counterfeit bills, etc.).

·      Use, operate, clean, deep clean, and maintain cleanliness of all food service equipment (coffee, fountain drink machine, frozen beverages, iced tea, hot dog grille, microwave, etc.). Provide assistance/training to all store personnel with food service equipment and maintenance.

·      Prepares bank deposits, transfers money to the designated Financial Institution, and accurately completes and files associated paperwork per Company Policy. Change orders are immediately placed in a locked safe.

·      Ensure all Company assets are properly secured; funds are placed in a locked safe, required documents are store in its proper location per Company policy.

·      Post price changes of fuel on a daily basis, and ensures all other products have accurate prices posted daily utilizing computer-made signs and/or shelf tags.

·      Analyze daily sales and expense information, perform all other financial analysis to maximize sales/net profits and review profit/loss statements to assist in making recommendations to increase profit margins.

·      Receive supplies and products, verify orders received versus invoice data, physically place all ordered merchandise away in its appropriate location using the FIFO method; report invoice discrepancies to management.

·      Check codes on merchandise when received and periodically thereafter to ensure merchandise is not out-of- date; follow company procedures for removal/disposal and recording out of date inventory, keep all back stock organized (use the FIFO method).

·      Perform inventory duties, including following vendor check-in process, correct product pricing policies, and check/place codes on products according to policy.

·      Act in accordance with and enforce all local, state, and federal laws and regulations; conducting daily, weekly, quarterly and annual duties.

·      Documents all information pertaining to Incidents on appropriate company approved forms, corresponds with managers and HR.

·      Ensure the accurate and timely training of all new staff members. Utilize all training documentation for training employees, complete thoroughly, and file in employee’s training file; mail New Hire Paperwork accurately to company policy.

·      Ensure all new and existing store personnel are trained in all equipment operations/maintenance

·      Perform on-going and timely performance evaluations on store personnel. Consistently provide performance feedback to store personnel involving all duties per the job descriptions.

·      Actively resolve customer’s complaints through the customer care process, issuing refunds, exchanges, or voids in a timely and professional manner.

·      Interact with vendors on ordering, promotions, and deliveries. Ensure stock levels are maintained within Company guidelines.

·      Implement merchandising and service programs designed by management accurately and in a timely manner.

·      Other duties as assigned by Retail Area Manager.



·      5+ years of experience as an Assistant Manager or Supervisor at a retail store.

·      Must be at least 18 years of age.

·      High School diploma or GED preferred.

·      Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

·      Must have a valid, infraction-free Driver’s License.

·      Ability to communicate effectively in English, both in written and oral forms is required.

·      Strong capability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

·      Skilled at basic arithmetic operations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

·      Demonstrated experience operating a cash register, computer console, and other related equipment and tools.

·      Knowledge and application of proper sanitation and safety requirements associated with food storage and serving.

·      Ability to learn basic and deep cleaning methods and procedures.

·      Familiarity and ability to perform various computer operations.

·      Demonstrated knowledge of a wide range of goods and services of a retail store.

·      Excellent multi-tasking skills with proven success in meeting established deadlines.

·      Experience planning, coordinating, and monitoring the work of others.

·      Ability to see up close and far away, and be able to tell colors and have depth perception.

·      Ability to maintain a variety of logs, records, and reports related to the assigned functions.

·      Ability to work alone whenever necessary with minimal or no supervision/direction.

·      Proven experience with developing and maintaining effective work relationships with those contracted in the performance of required duties.

·      Knowledge of basic record-keeping practices and methods, including scheduling.

·      Ability to coach & develop employees through knowledge of supervisory methods, principles and techniques.

·      Proven success in training others in the proper use of store equipment, tools, and materials.

·      Excellent experience with initiating merchandising and displays in store.

·      Experiences with preparing a variety of records and reports in a timely and accurate manner.

·      Ability to use a computer to complete and analyze reports, manage inventory, and control cash.

·      Full understanding of competitive relationships and market drivers as well as company merchandising practices/procedures.

·      Working conditions are in a retail store environment and can be stressful when dealing with the public.

·      Be able to work irregular shifts, including weekends, overnight shifts, and holidays

·      Ability to occasionally grasp and manipulate objects. This work requires eye-hand coordination, and may require bilateral coordination of hands up to 4 hours of workday.

·      Approximately 75% of work indoors (there are times when an employee will work outside for extended periods of times beyond this percentage).

o  Ability to occasionally climb a ladder to store or retrieve materials, and/or place or remove signage.

o  Be exposed to intermittent outdoor hot or cold temperatures and external environmental insects when performing tasks outdoors.

o  Be exposed to intermittent indoor cold temperature extremes when working in walk-in cooler or freezer.

o  Be exposed to intermittent noise (i.e., cash register, telephone, etc.).

o  Work in small spaces at times.

o  Ability to stand and/or walk for an at least 8 hours.

o  Ability to occasionally lift and/or carry up to 30 pounds from ground to overhead up to 30 minutes of workday (i.e., assisting in stocking/maintaining inventory levels) with appropriate safety equipment


The job requirements list is not a complete description of responsibilities but the list reflects the general qualifications, duties and/or

responsibilities necessary to perform this position. The Company reserves the right to revise the job description when circumstances are

necessary for reasons like, but not limited to, new systems, technical developments, emergencies, and workload and/or personnel changes.

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