Est. $20.96 - $33.81
Full-time, Part-time

1548 Montclair Rd

Irondale, AL 35210

Summary: The GM is responsible for the management of all restaurant operations. They are responsible for developing relationships with employees, customers and the community around them in addition to ensuring the highest standards of food quality and fostering an atmosphere of friendliness in the store. The GM's goal is to carry out the mission of providing Fellowship and Real Chicken to all who come to Zaxby's. Key areas of focus for the GM are:


Culture - Zaxby's General Managers need to be hard working people of integrity who have high moral character. It is extremely important for all GMs to possess and continue to develop these characteristics:
• Integrity - have high moral standards in regards to honesty, ethics, fairness and financial accountability
• Positive Attitude - lead by example with a great attitude
• Effort - have a healthy understanding of what it means to work hard and the effort required to get the job done with excellence
• Sense of Urgency - work quickly and have thoughtful regard for time sensitivity
• Professionalism - act in a professional manner regarding personal appearance, politeness, conversational boundaries, and work readiness
• Initiative - take initiative in solving problems without direction where necessary
• Respect - treat others with respect and gain the respect of those you lead
• Fun - enjoy those you work with and lead them in having fun while at work while maintaining a healthy balance between work and play

Care - The GM needs to possess a similar philosophy to that of Zaxby's concerning caring for people and building relationships. They are responsible for more than just restaurant operations. Our GMs are tasked with caring for themselves, our employees, our customers and the community through the following:
• Rest - take time off and take care of yourself
• Grow - be a life-long learner who understands that we can always be getting better at something
• Welcome - provide an orientation and introductions for incoming staff and make them feel welcomed
• Be Intentional - learn the names of employees and customers quickly, ask intentional questions about them and work to remember the information for follow up conversations
• Develop Relationships - get to know your team members and work at building healthy relationships with them by understanding them as people first and as employees second
• Help - meet regularly with the Zaxby's leadership team to discuss your team members and their needs in order to find ways that we can help those who work for Zaxby's
• Play - take part in Zaxby's fellowship gatherings and outings and have fun with the team
• Fellowship Committee Involvement - act as a resource and a cheerleader for your store's fellowship committee by helping them accomplish their goals and encouraging them along the way
• Community Involvement - Take part in your stores community initiatives and Zaxby's company-wide initiatives for community involvement

Communication - GMs must express ideas and information well through the use of written and oral communication and they must take part in and conduct regularly scheduled meetings to ensure the proper flow of information within the company. Tenants of this communication process are:
• Communication Skills - communicate clearly and promptly in person and through various means of technology
Interpersonal Communication - communicate well with staff, peers, superiors and vendors keeping all parties well informed
• Communication in Absence - set others up for success through effective communication ahead of time when going to be absent from work
• GM Meetings - attend weekly GM meetings
• Strategy Meetings - conduct weekly Strategy Meetings with your store's leadership team (AGM and Shift Leaders)
• Daily Check-Ins - ensure that daily check-ins are being conducted for every shift for managers and shift leaders
• Shift Meetings - ensure that shift meetings are taking place twice daily (AM and PM crews)
• Major Events - all major events with personnel, customers and vendors need to be immediately reported to the VP of Restaurant Operations

Coaching - The GM is the head supervisor for each store location and is responsible for the performance of all team members. Thus the GM will regularly be coaching employees through the use of these:
• Review - regularly review secret shopper evaluations and game films with your team
• Evaluations - conduct regularly scheduled personal evaluations with staff members
• Conflict Resolution - resolve conflicts fairly and constructively
• Teamwork - inspire a sense of camaraderie within your team
• Training - provide oversight for the training process for all positions
• Formal Development - use personal performance plans to help struggling employees get on track with Zaxby's needs and their personal goals
• Terminations - appropriately deal with terminations through the use of a witness and proper documentation

Customer Experience - The GM must understand that the customer experience needs to be prioritized above all other tasks. The GM should constantly be aware of the customer experience and be doing everything possible to make it positive.
• Peak times - focus on customers during peak business times
• Introductions - introduce yourself to as many customers as possible
• Non-verbals - always be smiling and be aware of your nonverbal communication
• Help Customers - personally help customers as much as possible by getting high chairs for people, opening doors, bringing food out to them, explaining the menu, etc.
• Mistakes - handle disgruntled customers with extreme care and courtesy and use the appropriate procedures concerning the use of gift cards
• Employee Interactions - make sure employees are following procedures with customers (i.e. greetings, using the right script, walking out remakes, walking out orders during slow times, etc.)

Critical Items - These items are critical to the success of Zaxby's and thus the GM is directly responsible for ensuring that they are happening correctly and in a timely manner. These are:
• EOD emails - ensure that End-of-Day Emails are being sent nightly and are providing accurate information
• Checklists - ensure that all employees are using their designated checklists appropriately
• Prep Sheet - ensure that daily prep is being done and that the team is using the proper documentation
• Ordering - control the par levels of product needed and order the appropriate amounts needed for business
• Inventory - ensure the accurate tracking of all product
• Hiring - continually review incoming applicants, conduct interviews and hire for all positions at your location
• Labor Targets - meet the goals given regarding labor hours used at your store
• Schedule - create, publish and post your store's weekly schedule in a timely manner
• Reporting - provide all necessary reports to the corporate office
• Paperwork - process all paperwork in a timely manner (invoices, receipts, personnel documentation, etc.)

Controls - GMs need to ensure that Zaxby's policies and procedures are being strictly adhered to at the store level. This includes but is not limited to:
• Food Quality - protect the quality of Zaxby's products
• Order Accuracy - ensure that customers are getting exactly what they ordered
• Speed of Service - understand and accomplish Zaxby's speed of service goals
• Cleanliness - all areas of the facility are to be kept clean and up to Zaxby's standards
• Organization - all storage areas need to be well organized and maintained
• Handbook Policies and Procedures - ensure that all of Zaxby's policies and procedures are being followed
• Uniform & Appearance - ensure that all team members are in proper uniform and in adherence with our standards for appearance through the use of daily spot checks during shift meetings
• Equipment and Facility - properly maintain and repair the facility and all equipment
• Sanitation - ensure that all sanitation procedures are being followed
• Safety - ensure the safety of all Zaxby's employees and customers
• Security - maintain a secure environment through the use of keys, alarm systems, safe codes, etc.



• At least 3 years of previous restaurant experience with at least 1 year as a GM
• Great with people
• Coaching mentality
• Ability to maintain high energy
• Ability to take direction
• Ability to operate in a constantly changing environment
• Excellent communication skills
• Must be willing to cover shifts on short notice
• Must be capable of and willing to complete all necessary tasks that the job requires

Additional Info

Physical Requirements:
• Ability to speak and hear
• Close and distance vision
• Identify and distinguish colors
• Frequent walking with some standing at times
• Will walk for long periods of time, possibly extended distances
• Frequently lifts/carries up to 25 lbs
• Occasionally lifts/carries up to 50 lbs
• Continual use of manual dexterity and gross motor skills with frequent use of bi-manual
dexterity and fine motor skills
• Able to reach hands and arms in any direction and kneel and stoop repeatedly

Working Conditions:
• May be indoor or outdoor setting depending on outlet
• Varied weather conditions are expected
• Will work near moving or mechanical parts
• May work near toxic/caustic chemicals and with fumes or airborne particles.
• Varying schedule to include evenings, holidays and extended hours as business dictates

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