Guest Experience Lead

McDonald's Franchisee
Full-time, Part-time

Job Description

As a Host, you are part of an outstanding team that delivers personalized experiences for every guest
visiting the restaurant for their favorite McDonald's menu items. You will make sure guests have a great
experience by welcoming them to the restaurant, helping them through the ordering processes, and talking
with them in the dining room.
Your first role as Guest Experience Lead is to welcome every guest to the restaurant. As you welcome
guests, you will create the same feeling you get when you are a guest in someone's home, and treat them
as you would in your own home. Make sure you take care of each guest's needs. Learn what they like.
Assume they will visit again soon, so make personal connections and get to know them.
You are also the person our guests rely on for help when selecting their favorite menu items. Show guests
how to navigate the kiosks and help them understand all of their food options. Since each guest's meal will
be unique and our restaurant is fast paced, it is important to be familiar with our fresh ingredients so each
guest gets exactly what they ordered. Answer any questions guests have about their menu options and
share your own favorite items too!
After you help guests order, invite them to wait comfortably in the dining room for their meal to be delivered.
Deliver condiments and napkins so guests can relax while dining. Spend time socializing with guests to get
to know them. Identify any additional needs guests have and work to make sure those needs are met.
Finally, ask guests how they enjoyed their experience and invite them back soon!


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