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$12 per hour
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TITLE: Quality Assurance Technician


SAFETY DUTIES: Wear proper personal protective equipment such as, earplugs, gloves, safety eyeglasses and smock. Keep hands from moving part. Use proper lifting techniques. Always keep assigned area clean orderly. Report any accidents, unsafe equipment or area to the line leader or supervisor.


GENERAL DUTIES: To assist the QA Supervisor in managing the quality and food safety systems at the plant level which include all policies, programs, and procedures. The QA Technician will have primary responsibilities of the HACCP Programs, GMPs, SSOP Programs, Paperwork and Filing, all QA Programs, and Enforcement of Product Specifications.


SPECIFIC DUTIES: Employee will clock in and gather their supplies at the supply room when arrive at the facility. Employee will sanitize before gloving and after reporting to the work area. Employee will receive instructions from the line leader or supervisor.



Monitors all HACCP Programs in the plant to ensure regulatory compliance. 


Monitors GMPs in the plant and assures strict adherence to the program.


Records deficiencies and reports these deficiencies to the QA Supervisor and Plant Manager.  

Communicates these deficiencies to line personnel in a stern but respectful manner.


SSOP Programs:

Monitors all SSOP Programs in the plant to ensure regulatory compliance and food safety.

Records deficiencies and reports these deficiencies to the QA Supervisor and Plant Manager.

Communicates these deficiencies to sanitation personnel (Pre-op) and to production personnel (Operational).


Paperwork Accuracy and Filing:

Record data accurately and legible. 

Files all paperwork in accordance with the QA Supervisor’s direction. 

Enforcement of QA Programs:

Monitors all QA Programs in the plant.

  • Enforces programs in the plant.
  • Corrects all issues in accordance to QA Programs.
  • Follows up on issues and makes sure proper corrective actions take place.
  • Communicates these issues to QA Supervisor and Plant Manager.


Enforcement of Product Specifications:

  1. Monitors all products through the process (Includes Raw & RTE).
  2. Verifies that products are within the specification.
  3. Helps correct specification deviation with interaction with production personnel.
  4. Stops line if deviation is not corrected and the specification limits are met.
  5. Communicates these deviations to production personnel.
  6. Communicates these deviations to QA Supervisor and Plant Manager.
  7. Communicates any changes needed to specifications to QA Supervisor.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Employee will stand/walk 100% of the time. Moderate reaching, bending and twisting 100% of the time. Ability to work safely and efficiently in a fast pace environment at all times.


ENVIRONMENT: Poultry processors work in cold, damp conditions (40° to 50° degrees) to prevent the meat from spoiling. Work area surface are wet and slippery 100% of the time. Because processors work with knives and sharp machinery, there is a risk of accidental injuries, ranging from minor cuts to finger or limb amputations.


EDUCATION: Preferred:  Minimum of 2 years previous experience in food processing / manufacturing 

Environment Preferred. Knowledge of Quality processes and systems including but not limited to HACCP, SSOPs and GMPs, Intermediate level computer skills, Ability to communicate to all levels of staff and management. High energy, self-starter and ability to work and complete work in a timely manner. High level of organizational skills. Ability to stand ground and enforce policies/programs/specifications. Bilingual English/Spanish a plus.  English required. 

Required qualifications:

  • 18 years or older
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States

Preferred qualifications:

  • At least bachelor's degree or higher
  • 2+ years of experience in the food & restaurant industry
  • Able to stand for duration of shift