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    Job Description


    Store Manager - Job Description

    The purpose of the Store Manager is to ensure the store location that is under their supervision is following company policies and procedures. It is vital that every customer that visits their store location, leaves with a smile. The goal of the Store Manager is to build the store location by increasing car count by providing quality, quick service and encouraging fleet accounts. Taking care of the customer is the Store Manager's number one priority.


    Primary responsibilities include:

    Team training: The Store Manager is responsible for training the Assistant Store Manager to perform all functions of the Store Manager and develop all employees through testing and training. It is also important that the Store Manager develops proper communication with District Manager and Area Trainer/s for problem solving. The Store Manager is responsible for qualifying all members on his/her team to perform all functions as outlined in the Lube Technician Job Description.

    Inspection: The Store Manager is responsible for inspecting the premises at frequent intervals to insure the following: equipment is in good working order, facility appearance, inventory properly stocked and landscaping well-maintained.

    Directing the team's activities: The Store Manager prepares the work schedule, assigns work positions, conducts opening and closing procedures, directs cleaning, landscaping, maintenance and overall upkeep and supervises the team in all activities involved with operating the business.

    Reporting: The Store Manager performs the following: completes daily paperwork, completes bonus sheets, maintains an accurate and effective inventory, create, update and maintain employee files.


    Specific duties include:

    • Insure customers are taken care of with respect and professionalism.
    • Open the building in the morning and prepare for the opening procedure including an overall inspection of the facility.
    • Conduct the opening check, which includes locking all doors before counting the drawer, making coffee, turning on AC/Heat, compressor, inspecting previous days' paperwork, inspecting inventory, and overall appearance of shop (clean). Inspect the team's personal appearance. Reject any team member wearing an unclean uniform, jewelry, improper shave or who might otherwise detract from the unit's professional operation.
    • Make daily bank deposits of each day's sales the next business day and obtain deposit receipt.
    • Meet with the team at the most frequent intervals possible to keep the team informed and review problem areas and solutions.
    • Review "problem cars", tools available and shop procedures.
    • Maintain a file of changes, bulletins, memorandums and other printed material.
    • Maintain security of the daily receipts, keeping all monies under lock-and-key or in personal possession in route to or from the bank.
    • Make recommendations to the District Manager concerning improvements in procedures, inventory stocking or personnel matters.
    • Conduct frequent checks of inventories on hand to ensure lubricants, filters, supplies are available.
    • Perform routine maintenance and repair within the team's capability-- inform District Manager of any equipment problems.
    • Set the standards of personal appearance, integrity, enthusiasm and attitudes desired of the team to successfully operate the business.
    • Accept, inspect and confirm incoming shipments and post in computer.
    • Inspect the marquee sign daily and change it weekly and/or at the discretion of the District Manager.
    • Post a printed work schedule, workers' comp poster, licenses, etc. for ready reference.
    • Maintain a current list of all employee's addresses, phone numbers and emergency notification information.
    • Perform the closing check at the appropriate time and drop deposit into store safe.
    • Insure compliance of all safety precautions, operating rules and procedures.
    • Brief the assistant manager prior to leaving the shop of all matters.
    • Insure company business is conducted in a profitable way.
    • Responsible for the care and security of the tools in the store.


    Physical Demands

    • Must be able to stand on concrete and/or metal surfaces for extended periods of time.
    • Work in an environment that frequently experiences extreme hot and cold temperatures, loud noises, and exhaust fumes.
    • Lift and move inventory items, trash cans and other work related items (up to 50 pounds).
    • Must be able to work at a rapid pace for long periods of time.
    • Must be able to push, pull, pull up, bend at the knees and waist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turn head-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp and hold tools and other items with hands, for either extended periods of time or many times throughout the shift.
    • Required to work at least 55 hours a week.


    Organizational Position

    • The Store Manager is directly responsible to the District Manager. Any disagreement between the District Manager and Store Manager will be resolved by the Director of Operations. In the event the Director of Operations is not available; the District Manager's authority shall stand and any decision made by the District Manager shall override that of the Store Manager.
    • The Store Manager does not have the authority to sign contracts or obligate the company in any way or manner.
    • The Assistant Store Manager and all team members are responsible directly to the Store Manager.
    • In the Store Manager's absence, the Assistant Store Manager assumes all responsibilities and authority of the Store Manager.
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