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    Job Description


    Lube Technician - Job Description

    The primary focus of the Lube Technician, is ensuring that every customer experiences the "Fastest Oil Change on the Planet" and makes the customer smile during the process. Lube Technicians insure that all customer vehicles are serviced properly, company procedures and policies are followed and every customer is treated with the upmost courtesy at all times.

    Primary responsibilities include:

    • Perform the following position functions within company policies and procedures: Courtesy, Hood, Pit and Write up.
    • Be responsible for all cash, credit card transactions, inventory, and tools within your scheduled shift. As determined necessary by management.
    • Report to work on time as per posted schedule, regardless of work day or shift, which may vary.
    • No visitors will be allowed during work hours.
    • Perform, in addition to areas of assigned responsibilities, other duties as assigned on maintenance schedule, or as requested by manager such as: Sweep driveways and bays, Paint curbs and touch-up areas, Empty trash, Clean Restrooms, Hold Open Bay sign, Mow the grass and other items deemed necessary by management.
    • Adhere to the safety rules and be safety conscious.
    • Constantly promote standards of excellence through personal image and grooming, from work attitude and customer relations.
    • Offer assistance when needed to other employees and/or customers.
    • Punch in and out on time clock for scheduled work period and lunch and work breaks, will be taken between cars.
    • Overtime hours must have prior approval by manager.
    • Check with manager before leaving shop.

    Specific duties include:

    • Courtesy Position: Wash Windshield and Adjust Tire Pressure
    • Hood Position: Inspect and top off fluids (except brake fluid) according to manufactures' recommendations.
    • Pit Position: Drain motor oil, change oil filter, grease fittings and notify Store Manager/Assistant Store Manager of any issues.
    • Write Up Position: Assist the customer in selecting oil choice and other services, receive payment for services performed.
    • Hold a sign to attract customers periodically throughout the day.
    • Assist the Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager during the opening and closing procedures.
    • Maintain a personal appearance and decorum that will reflect a high level of professionalism.

    Physical Demands:

    • Must be able to stand on concrete and/or metal surfaces for extended periods of time.
    • Work in an environment that frequently experiences extreme hot and cold temperatures, loud noises, and exhaust fumes.
    • Lift and move inventory items, trash cans and other work related items (up to 50 pounds).
    • Must be able to work at a rapid pace for long periods of time.
    • Must be able to push, pull, pull up, bend at the knees and waist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turn head-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp and hold tools and other items with hands, for either extended periods of time or many times throughout the shift.

    Organizational Position

    • The Lube Technician is directly responsible to the Store Manager and/or Assistant Store Manager. Any disagreement between the Assistant Manager and/or Store Manager will be resolved by the District Manager. In the event the District Manager is not available; the Store Manager's authority shall stand.
    • The Lube Technician does not have the authority to sign contracts or obligate the company in any way or manner.
    • The Lube Technician is responsible directly to the Store Manager and/or Assistant Store Manager.
    • In the Store Manager's absence, the Assistant Store Manager assumes all responsibilities and authority of the Store Manager.
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