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Estimated Pay $23 per hour
Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location 1035 Vann Drive
Jackson, Tennessee

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Estimated Pay
We estimate that this job pays $22.74 per hour based on our data.




About this job

Role Purpose

To lead a team of Restaurant Managers and Team Members in the execution of an excellent Guest experience resulting in increasing Guest counts, sales and MOP growth. To ensure decisions and actions are in alignment with the Credo and Values and all TGI Fridays standards are met. To select, coach and develop Team Members.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities
  • Manages all day-to-day restaurant operations with a focus on delivering a great Guest experience; directly supervise and support 3–6 Managers and all FOH and BOH hourly Team Members; manages all profit and loss centers.
  • Aligns all behavior with the Credo and Values.
  • Executes on all brand standards through managing and coaching Team Members and Managers.
  • Frequently interacts with Guests to ensure they receive the Fridays Service Style experience; follow up on any issues and complaints they may have to ensure Guest Satisfaction.
  • Follows the Bubble Theory to proactively run a shift and anticipate Guest needs.
  • Follows the Hamburger Stand Theory, ensuring that the restaurant and staff are set up for an outstanding shift.
  • Identifies opportunities to drive sales, traffic and return visits with a 4-wall mentality; oversee implementation of local store marketing and national marketing promotions.
  • Determines current and future staffing needs in the restaurant to ensure an adequate number of talented Team Members are available to deliver a great Guest experience.
  • Identifies and develops high potential Team Members and Managers to fill future openings.
  • Provides ongoing and honest feedback, coaching and development to managers and Team Members.
  • Evaluates performance fairly and frequently and holds managers and Team Members accountable to results.
  • Creates a safe, clean and discrimination-free environment for all managers, Team Members and Guests by ensuring all legal and company standards are met.
  • Respond to Guest service complaints either in person or over the phone, taking any and all appropriate actions to turn dissatisfied Guests into return Guests.
  • Completes all financial and personnel / payroll related administrative duties in and an accurate and timely way, in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Ensures all newly hired Team Members follow and complete their appropriate training plan, including required paper and electronic paperwork (tip credit notices included where applicable).
  • Approves disciplinary actions pertaining to termination.
  • Validates inventory per company standards.
  • Ensure proper security procedures are in place to protect Team Members, Guests and Company assets.
Key Decisions


  • Team Member hiring
  • Team Member terminations
  • Holds self and other accountable to Credo and Values
  • Team Member wage increases, with input of Human Resources
  • Employee relations issues. Partners with Employee Relations department and / or Director of Operations depending on severity
  • Guest Relations decisions. Partners with Guest Relations department and / or Director of Operations depending on severity


  • Team Member promotion to Associate Manager
  • Manager terminations
  • Identifying opportunities and enacting plans to grow sales within the four walls of the restaurant
  • Partners with the DO to create annual budget and sales projections
Measures of Success
  • Guest satisfaction and Guest complaints
  • Revenue growth
  • Controlling cost
  • PACE
  • Staffing Level and Staff Turnover
  • Development and promotion of Team Members and Managers
Qualification Requirements
  • 4-year college degree preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a Restaurant KM or AGM with extensive knowledge of Friday's recipes, policies, standards, theories and successful results with past responsibilities
  • Possess business acumen and ability to manage P&L, budgets and financial projections and analysis
  • Must be capable of performing all functions and meeting all qualification standards for all hourly positions
  • Knowledge of P.O.S. system and the back office systems to fulfill management functions
  • Must be able to walk and stand during entire shift
  • Frequent bending and stooping required
  • Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs
  • Must be able to read and write English
  • Must be able to hear well amongst loud background noise


ASSESSING AND SELECTING TALENT: Effectively identifies and evaluates the talent within your restaurant in order to select individuals that exhibit pride, passion and personality and to build top performing teams

·        Proactively identifies strong candidates and “sells” Friday’s in order to get the best talent on board.

·        Identifies high potential within the team in order to maximize internal promotes

·        Thinks strategically when making hiring decisions to get the right people in the right positions

·        Identifies great talent based on diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities as well as common passion for the business

·        Effectively identifies gaps in talent and assembles the right mix of people (internally and externally) on the team to complement individual and group strengths

·        Utilizes selection tools and processes as guidelines to effectively assess and hire the right people for the team

·        Knows who top performers are and takes the necessary steps to engage and retain them

COACHING FOR PERFORMANCE: Spends time guiding, teaching and providing clear and directed feedback to your team to help them to grow and succeed

·        Provides guidance, direction and mentoring to help managers/Team Members reach their full potential

·        Provides honest and upfront feedback that is specific, timely and action-oriented

·        Uses relentless follow-up as a method of consistently encouraging and reinforcing effective performance

·        Critically evaluates managers/Team Members’ unique developmental needs and builds plans to maximize strengths and improve weak areas.

·        Identifies what managers/Team Members are doing well and provides positive reinforcement

·        Delegates tasks and projects to managers/Team Members in order to help them learn new skills that can prepare them for the next level

LEADS AND INSPIRES OTHERS: Sets the example for the team by living the TGI Friday’s credo and values; effectively influences and motivates them to reach goals

·        Acts with integrity in all restaurant and personal dealings; demonstrates consistency in words and actions

·        Demonstrates genuineness, openness, and approachability and consistently treats all Team Members and Guests with dignity and respect

·       Effectively manages stress level during difficult situations

·        Demonstrates the ability to understand and adjust leadership style to fit others’ needs

·        Rallies and harnesses the energy within the restaurant by being present, upbeat and engaged

·        Frequently and genuinely acknowledges and rewards strong performance

·        Knows when to step back and allow others to lead the charge on team initiatives

FLEXIBLY ADAPTS AND MANAGES CHANGE: Keeps up with shifting business needs and embraces change in order to drive results

·        Responds quickly to changing needs and adapts as necessary to meet new challenges

·        Displays a positive, confident attitude for tackling new challenges and initiatives

·        Builds support and commitment among Team Members by explaining purpose and goals around organizational initiatives

·        Ensures that changes are fully integrated into operations and sustained over time

·        Perseveres through resistance to change with positive influence and firm accountability

COMMUNICATION: Keeps everyone on the same page through frequent information sharing and open dialogue

·        Creates open dialogue within the team that results in greater clarity and understanding of goals and expectations

·        Demonstrates effective listening by being available to Team Members and responding to needs and concerns

·        Communicates the “why” behind important goals and initiatives to gain buy-in

·        Respects the opinions of others; listens to comments and concerns with an open mind

·        Holds frequent meetings where information is shared freely with managers and Team Members

·        Takes advantage of opportunities to engage in one-on-one communication

MANAGING EXECUTION: Sets performance standards and follows up relentlessly to ensure accountability for top quality results.

·        Ensures 100% compliance with standard operating procedures

·        Sets high standards and always looks to raise the bar

·        Follows up to ensure disciplined execution of procedures and sustained results by consistently communicating expectations and measuring outcomes

·        Delegates and follows up consistently in order to hold managers accountable

·        Confronts sub-par performance directly and hold people accountable for making improvements

·        Makes tough but necessary decisions in regards to discipline

PASSION FOR THE GUEST: Ensures that every action and decision leads to an exceptional Guest experience

·        Models exemplary hospitality by engaging regularly with the Guests and interacting in a positive, sincere manner

·        Encourages Team Members to focus efforts and attention on retaining Guests for repeat visits

·        Effectively balances Guest needs with TGI Friday’s business needs

·        Utilizes unit performance data and Guest feedback to improve the Guest experience

·        Shows awareness of Guest needs and expectations; prevents problems before they occur

·        Follows up to ensure that Guest issues and complaints are addressed and resolved promptly

MANAGING FINANCIAL RESULTS: Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the financial components of the restaurant and how to impact results

·        Analyzes financial profit and loss results, Guest satisfaction measures, and other key performance data

·        Uses appropriate tools and resources to monitor location’s performance and understands factors that affect success and growth

·        Partners with the DO to devise strategies to grow the business at their location

·        Establishes local brand visibility to drive sales, traffic, and return visits

·        Displays critical insight into the key drivers of business success

·        Makes financial needs an important consideration in plans and decisions

DECISION MAKING & PROBLEM SOLVING: Thinks problems through, acts with urgency and always keeps the best interests of the brand at heart when making decisions

·        Able to digest information quickly, boil it down, and identify relevant issues

·        Finds root causes in order to develop workable solutions to problems

·        Draws important connections and considers both short and long-term implications of decisions

·        Right or wrong – shows the willingness to make the call and accepts responsibility for decisions and results

·        Evaluates various solutions to problems before taking action

·        Acts quickly and decisively when needed based on the need and urgency of situation


Base Wage Minimum: $60,000

Base Wage Maxinum: $100,000


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