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Hours Full-time
Location Marianna, Florida

About this job

Powerback is a new way of delivering recovery, rehabilitation, respiratory, and wellness services to patients across the nation. We deliver an empowered approach to achieving your full potential by providing integrated and individualized solutions. Our reimagined approach to rehabilitation connects directly to the patient experience, which is centered on transforming the road to recovery for everyone and helping patients get their power back. It's patient-centered care that provides a sustainable way of feeling better, moving better, breathing better, and living better.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Speech Language Pathologist organizes and provides speech-language services for the agency to facilitate rehabilitation. They direct patient participation in selected tasks to restore, reinforce, and enhance performance. Also, the Speech Language Pathologist facilitates the learning of those skills and functions essential for communication and swallowing, to diminish or remediate disorders or deficits. They direct activities to promote and maintain health, within the scope of practice and consistent with the Code of Ethics of the profession.


  1. As necessary or applicable, supervision of CFYs temporary licensees, students and support personnel in accordance with state licensure requirements and professional standards.
  2. Responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of rehab services; adherence to an established plan of care, department and patient(s)' schedule, and timely documentation of services.
  3. Attends and contributes to patient care, staffing conferences and other related meetings.
  4. Makes referrals to other disciplines, agencies in order to address the comprehensive needs of the patient.
  5. Consults with other members of the rehabilitation team to select the most appropriate therapeutic regimen consistent with the needs and capabilities of each patient.
  6. Adapts program and/or plan of care according to the needs of the individual patient.
  7. Promotes a safe environment and enforces the elimination of fire and safety hazards.
  8. Orders supplies and equipment as necessary.
  9. Cleans, maintains, identifies, and reports the need for repair of equipment, as necessary.
  10. Puts Patient Service first, ensuring that residents and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individual's needs and rights
  11. Screens, examines and evaluates patients, including history, systems review, and application of appropriate tests and measures, synthesis information and interprets examination findings in order to establish a diagnosis, identify impairments, determine the predicted level of improvement and the time required to achieve it, identify precautions/contraindications and design and plan of care. Develops appropriate treatment goals and methods in collaboration with the patient and caregivers, implements the speech language pathology treatment plan, and completes all related documentation and record keeping regarding these services. Services include but are not limited to application of therapeutic techniques in areas such as cognitive-communication, speech intelligibility, oral motor skills, swallowing , disorders/dysphagia, perceptual abilities, , orientation, memory, pragmatics, psychosocial expression, functional communication.
  12. Coordinates the acquisition of adaptive communication devices and instructs patients in their use.
  13. Facilitates identification of hearing deficits and appropriately refers for assessment, diagnosis rehabilitation and/or personal amplification.
  14. Selects appropriate activities suited to the individual's physical and mental capacity, intelligence level and interest.
  15. Instructs patients in the skills and techniques required for participation in therapeutic activities, and evaluates patient progress, attitudes and behavior as related to rehabilitative potential.
  16. Performs routine reexamination as needed/required to modify/progress plan of treatment.
  17. Performs other related duties as required.
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