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Members of the Nursing Discipline are professional staff members who under the provisions of the Professional Staff Bylaws and as delineated by clinical privileges demonstrates a distinct knowledge of nursing care and practices in a comprehensive inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program.

Members of the Nursing Discipline demonstrate distinct knowledge of alcohol and drug treatment modalities and methodologies for the provision of efficient and productive nursing care, treatment and program services. Orientation and staff development education will be provided.


  • Plans, assigns, supervises, evaluates and provides on each assigned shift for the efficient provision of nursing program services as delineated by the Professional Staff Bylaws and clinical privileges;
  • Collaborates with the Medical Discipline in relation to the medical status and identified medical/nursing needs of individual patients.
  • Confers with the Medical Discipline and makes arrangements for patient referral to medical/support services, not provided by the Center;
  • Receive verbal and written physician orders, carries out promptly and correctly all physician orders receives for the medications and medical treatment;
  • Confers with family members and significant others and documents these individual contacts.
  • Conducts intervention sessions with patients identified as potential A.M.A. or A.S.A. discharge risks;
  • Receives patients for admission and completes nursing admission assessment within six (6) hours of patient admission;
  • Provides patients with a thorough orientation to the program and nursing services, upon admission and after detox.
  • Develops patient treatment plans as based on admissions assessment data, within six (6) hours of patient admission;
  • Documents treatment plan; objective problem statements, treatment interventions and measurable goals/ expected outcomes;
  • Documents patient discharge planning in patients medical record, upon patients discharge;
  • Administers medications per policy and procedure, as well as adhering to detox protocol and guidelines in place.


Vacation Time

Length of Service

Full-time and Part-time with Benefits employees ern a maximum of:

Part-time with Accruals employees earn a maximum of:

0-5 Years

10 days annually

3.08 hours/pay period

.0385 per hour

5 days annually

1.54 hours/pay period

.0266 per hour

5-10 Years

15 days annually

4.62 hours/pay period

.0578 per hour

7.5 days annually

2.31 hours/pay period

.0399 per hour

10 + Years

20 days annually

6.16 hours/pay period

.077 per hour

10 days annually

3.08 hours/pay period

.0532 per hour

Sick Time & Extended Sick Time

Employees classified as:

Full-time and Part-time with Benefits

Part-time with Accruals

Accrue sick time at rate of:

.0232 per hour worked

.0161 per hour worked

Can earn a maximum of:

6 days annually

1.85 hours per pay period

3 days annually

.93 hours per pay period

Holidays & Personal Days

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Two Personal Days

401k Match 25% on the first 4%.