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Verified Pay
$20-$25 per hour
Part-time, Full-time
About this job
Jason's Deli is hiring Delivery Drivers!

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  • Flexible Hours: Part-time and Full-Time positions available
  • Great Tips - Paid in Ca$$$h at the End of Each Shift!
  • FREE Food
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • FREE Uniforms
  • Medical, Dental, Vision for Full Time Employees
  • Advancement through our Career Path

Position Summary:

The delivery driver works day and/or night shifts using an automobile to deliver customers’ food orders to residential or commercial properties.

Job Qualifications:

Education:  It is preferred the applicant be enrolled in high school or a certified G.E.D. program or have their high school diploma or G.E.D.

Experience Unless currently attending high school, college, or a technical or vocation school, qualified applicants preferred to have at least six months work experience.

Requirements:  The applicant must be age 18 or over, have a valid State Drivers’ License, have regular and predictable access to their own automobile to use, have a history of good driving during the past three years, as determined by The Department of Motor Vehicle Report including no convictions for DWI, and/or no more than two speeding violations, and/or no at fault accidents (or the applicant may have one at fault accident on their record if the accident is determined to be minor), and/or any combination of speeding violations and at fault accidents.  The applicant must also be able to furnish proof of insurance coverage in compliance with their applicable state.

Skills:  Qualified applicants must be able to memorize menu abbreviations and menu prices, and basic job routines, must be able to read and write, and communicate in English effectively, must be able to perform basic math including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, counting change correctly, and handling, organizing, and balancing money and credit card charge slips.

Health:  An applicant who is currently infected with or has knowledge that they are currently infected with a communicable disease which has been determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as one which is transmissible to the public through the handling of food will not be considered as a qualified applicant.  An Applicant must comply with the applicable city Department of Health regulations as well as Jason’s Deli’s dress code policies.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. The ability to stand for extensive periods of time.
  2. The ability to operate a motor vehicle in a proper and safe manner.
  3. The ability to get into and out of an automobile repetitively in a timely fashion for extensive periods of time.
  4. The ability to bend over, squat down, and reach upward or outward effectively and to climb up and down stairs.
  5. The ability to maintain regular, predictable attendance.
  6. The ability to use equipment including cash registers, calculators, automatic credit card approval machine, and telephone equipment.
  7. The ability to work in an environment with temperature fluctuations.
  8. The ability to walk briskly for brief periods at a time.
  9. The ability to carry heavy trays and sacks of food and other heavy objects.
  10. The ability to understand and to follow directions for delivering an order

Major Job Responsibilities:

  1. Picking up the customer’s food order at Jason’s Deli.
  2. Driving to the customer’s residential or commercial address.
  3. Delivering the customer’s order.
  4. Performing catering set-up or arranging the catering and food orders.
  5. Collecting the money owed by the customer.
  6. Returning to the deli and picking up additional orders and repeating the above process.
  7. Answering customer questions or handling customers’ problems while at the delivery site.
  8. Re-delivering missing items, incomplete orders, or replacements for food mistakes made on the customers’ orders.
  9. Counting money, checks, and charge slips to balance tickets and customer payments.

Secondary Job Responsibilities:

  1. Cleaning projects, which will require using chemicals to clean all areas in the deli, including sweeping and mopping, cleaning and wiping counters, walls, pictures, cabinets, and other artifacts.
  2. Daily organizing of products in all register areas, restocking and re-arranging products, and products at other display locations, arranging items in cabinets.
  3. Making food runs to the customers in the dining area, restocking the salad bar, getting drink refills for customers.

Statement of Performance:

The General Manager and his or her Assistant Managers will evaluate a new employee during the ninety-day introductory period.  After the introductory period, the General Manager and his or her Assistants evaluate performance on an on-going basis and salary increases are given at any time, as determined by the General Manager.

Statement of Totality:

This position will include any and all other essential and secondary duties assigned by management to ensure the proper functioning of operations in the deli.  The job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without notice.

We value and appreciate diversity.  EOE

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