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The Full Stack Web Developer (FSWD) position will assist GPA's ITS (IT & Security) division with creating interfaces that interact with IIoT (Industrial IoT) devices. The FSWD will work closely with ITS professionals to bridge the gap between industrial applications and web technologies to fully enable customer capabilities. The FSWD will be developing a fully enabled web interface and guiding GPA towards industry best practices when deploying on local and cloud services. Job Responsibilities: * Develop web front end with heavy emphasis on CSS and JavaScript * Develop web pages for user authentication, customer dashboards, management interface, and customer questionnaires * Develop web server on local device and cloud service using Node.js * Develop RESTful API between web front end and MongoDB backend. The database could be hosted locally or in a cloud service. * Use GitHub to manage source control throughout the project * Run services on Linux OS (Ubuntu 16.04) and maintain required services Job Skills & Qualifications: * CSS / JavaScript * Unit testing * Webpack * Node.js * Express * MongoDB * RESTful API Development * Git / GitHub * Deploying services on Linux OS

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