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Awesome Opportunity for an Experienced Leader

Seeking a highly motivated candidate with a positive attitude who must be Board Certified (ABCP) with at least 5-10 years of experience as a practicing Cardiovascular Perfusionist. Salary range $180,000+.

***Candidate must have graduated from an accredited American school and be American Board certified (CCP) or CCP eligible.​​​***

Key features:

  1. Relocation expenses covered.
  2. Excellent starting salary based on experience.
  3. Super low cost of living in Pikeville, KY.
  4. Private perfusion office.
  5. Excellent, efficient surgical team.
  6. Bonus pay for ECLS provided.

Candidates should also possess the following:

  1. Ability to adapt to challenging clinical environment.
  2. Experience with blood management is preferred.
  3. Must be willing to relocate to Pikeville, KY or the immediate surrounding area.
  4. 25% call at this institution is anticipated.
  5. Must possess good communication and troubleshooting skills.

Pikeville Medical Center has grown tremendously and currently performs about 300 CPB procedures per year, about 10-15 ECMO and about 150 non-cardiac ATS procedures. The team at PMC is 3 perfusionists and 1 PBMT. Extra perfusion support is provided during ECMO procedures. The facilities and surgeons at Pikeville are excellent, with top of the line equipment, a private perfusion office and 3 surgeons with very quick pump times.

  • PDC occupies a unique position in the industry, offering excellent benefits and ample opportunity for professional growth through a diverse business approach.
  • PDC is ONLY interested in long-term relationships for this position.
  • Please apply online

Serious inquires only please.

Note: After applying through the job site, you will be directed to our website for the FULL application. Please make sure you complete the full application


Ben Greenfield,MPS, CCP, LP, Inc.
17080 Safety St., Suite 109
Fort Myers, FL 33908

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