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$26 per hour
Full-time, Part-time
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StandardAero is one of the largest independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers in the aerospace industry. At our plants, our units engage in a variety of work scopes involving trouble-shooting, problem solving, and working together to embody our #1 priority, which is ensuring the safety of our people and our product. At StandardAero, we offer: - A clean, safe, and temperature controlled work environment. - Competitive compensation structures and a total rewards package. - An opportunity to work with a variety of aircraft engines. - A variety of shifts and hours. - Opportunities for horizontal and vertical movement within the organization. Immune Specific Accountabilities - Recognizes and understands flight/product safety critical parts and processes. - Responsible for immediately reporting flight/product safety concerns. - Participates in proactive risk analysis of flight/product safety critical parts and processes. - Recognizes and understands the Just Culture policy. Specific Accountabilities - Operates and monitors control systems and related equipment to regulate the treatment and distribution of waste water and thus produces treated water that complies to regulations. - Collects water samples for chemical testing. Treats water with appropriate chemicals. - Reads flow meters, gauges and other recording instruments to measure water output and waste content levels. - Analyzes test results and instrument readings and makes adjustments to equipment and systems as required. - Monitors and inspects equipment and systems to detect equipment malfunctions and to ensure systems and equipment are operating normally. - Responds to spills, waste water treatment alarms and abnormalities and initiates corrective action. - Completes and maintains appropriate records, logs and reports. Ensures applicable related legal requirements are met. - Performs maintenance of equipment, including cleaning probes and filters. - Maintains inventory of chemicals and empty drums. - Participates in continuous improvement of cell operations. - Cross trains in other complementary skills and seeks endorsements for those skills as needed to support production requirements. - Moves between production assignments that utilize multiple skills endorsements as needed to support production requirements. - Participates in the cross training of other technicians as needed to support production requirements. - Responsible for observing all applicable safety requirements and reporting immediately any unsafe practices/conditions. - Carries out other duties as assigned. Technical Requirements - Working knowledge of waste water treatment and control procedures. - Strong aptitude for chemistry. - Working knowledge of related company instructions, company processes and MSDS labels. - Working knowledge production management computer system and other related internal control systems. - Completion of a college program in water and waste water or a closely related discipline; or equivalent. Background Information The typical minimum level of education to perform this job competently is equivalent to high school graduation and completion of a diploma training program at a college or technical school. The person requires an ability to understand, utilize and communicate specialized information in speech and written text. This specialized training is often formalized and recognized by a specific certificate, diploma or license. Directly/indirectly related work experience representing continuous learning and required for someone to perform this job competently is six months to one year. Ongoing work assignments typically have clearly defined goals. The incumbent's education, training, and previous experience ensure work assignments are successfully carried out because he/she understands what is expected, as well as the best approach to take.

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