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in Lavale, MD

Estimated Pay $16 per hour
Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location 12107 Winchester Rd
LaVale, Maryland

About this job

JOB PURPOSE:   The purpose of this position is to provide additional support to the management team and allow for additional coverage during peak periods, or in the absence of a Manager.

  • Team Relations & HR
  • Follow appropriate procedures in the event of a Team Member injury
  • Training & Development
  • Conduct pre-shift meeting with Team Members
  • Set shift goals with Team Members
  • Coach Team Members during the shift to achieved desired goals
  • Coach Team Members after the shift to review status toward shift goals
  • Conduct Team Member Quick Screen Interviews (Exposed in MIT, but requires additional practice)
  • Train Hourly Team Members
  • Manage Team Member Behaviors Measure in the GEM Report
  • Conduct disciplinary sessions with hourly team members & document informal discussions- Formal PCR not appropriate (Exposed in MIT, but requires additional practice)
  • Follow Company Procedures When Team Member Injuries Occur
  • Able to navigate the PeopleMatter website and find applicants


  • Guest Relations
  • Figure 8s during peak periods
  • 100% Table Touches
  • Address Guest complaints on the floor
  • Follow appropriate procedures in the event of a Guest injury
  • Marketing – in unit
  • Set the restaurant “Game Day” atmosphere

Quality Ops

  • Quality & Standards
  • Ensure Team Members wear proper uniforms
  • Ensure Team Members open/close/phase work is complete
  • Ensure prepped items are made to spec and quantity noted
  • Receive food orders
  • Receive liquor orders

Shift Management

  • Monitors food safety and food quality throughout the shift.
  • Perform end of night paperwork, in the event of a double close or emergency
  • Break down cash drawers
  • Complete all duties associated with “shift change”
  • Fill out table sections
  • Conduct Server checkouts
  • Print Sports Line Up
  • Place orders in POS system
  • Complete all morning paperwork


  • “86” and “un86” menu items
  • Ability to use Zhub, CTUIT, InMoment (PGR&GEM), TalentReef (Hiring, Onboarding)
  • Start-up/shut down terminals
  • Able to operate all functions of the AV tower
  • Responsible for maintaining NTN tablets at 100% working order


  • Able to change projector bulb
  • Able to clean projector

Safety and Security

  • Identify potential safety hazards
  • Monitor RAS throughout the shift 
  • Properly check an ID
  • Discontinue service to Guests
  • Audits tables throughout the shift to monitor rate of consumption
  • Spends additional time in the bar on closing shifts to interact with Guests
  • Ensures all “last call” procedures are being followed.
  • Follow and monitor proper hand washing and glove use procedures
  • Follow appropriate procedure to prevent robbery
  • Ensure all vendors and Team Members enter through the front door
  • Ensure evening trash runs are completed according to CSP
  • Make all Menu Items to Spec
  • Follow Company procedures if/when a robbery occurs
  • Maintain all vending equipment

Sales and Profit

  • Cost Management
  • Labor    
  • Monitors labor throughout the shift via labor reports
  • “Cuts” the floor appropriate


  • Monitors recipe adherence throughout the shift- coaches as appropriate
  • Personally able to make all food items to spec with assistance of menu spec training materials.
  • Monitors shortening management processes
  • COGS Alcohol
  • Monitor recipe adherence throughout the shift- coach as appropriate
  • Monitor bartender pouring practices throughout the shift- coach as appropriate
  • Personally able to make all drink items to spec with the assistance of drink menu training materials.
  • Bar Liquor/Beer ordering
  • Bar Inventory


  • Follow appropriate procedures for pullbacks and CVDs
  • Operations
  • Ensure fire up/fire down of fryers
  • Ensure AV fire up is staggered
  • Know P.O.P. Monthly features


  • Document shift highlights in daily log and manager communication board.  
  • Complete a Guest incident/injury report
  • Complete a Team Member injury report

Leadership Training

  • Professionalism
  • ServSafe food certification
  • ServSafe Alcohol certification or TIPS certified 
  • Communication/ personal impact
  • Setting goals and action steps


  • Able to read staff availability worksheet
  • Able to set a schedule according to shift pars 
  • Responsible for turning in the FOH schedule to the Hospitality manager in a reasonable amount of time.

The duties of this position may change from time to time. Buffalo Wild Wings reserves the right to add or delete duties and responsibilities at the discretion of Buffalo Wild Wings or its managers. This job description is intended to describe the general level of work being performed. It is not intended to be all-inclusive

Shift Leader candidate must demonstrate these skills prior to promotion. 

The physical demands for this position are sits, stands, bends, lifts, and moves intermittently during working hours. If asked to perform a task outside of physical capabilities, be sure to notify your General Manager or Human Resources. These physical requirements may be accomplished with or without reasonable accommodations.