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in Fort Pierce, FL

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Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location Fort pierce, Florida

About this job

Job Description

Working at IRSC has its perks! In addition to helping drive change and having a positive impact by supporting our students, staff, and faculty, IRSC offers a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Flexible Spending
  • Paid time off, including annual and sick leave and paid holidays
  • Florida Retirement System (FRS) participation
  • Voluntary participation in 403(b) and 457(b) deferred compensation plans


The qualifications and skill requirements for this position includes:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in student development or a related field with proven experience in a college or university setting;
  • Ability to work with a diverse student population;
  • Ability to build supportive relationships with students and provide meaningful opportunities for students to connect, get involved, lead, and succeed;
  • Proven ability to engage students on campus and through online platforms;
  • Proven organizational and computer skills;
  • Proven social media skills;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • Ability to be student oriented;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in regard to student issues and concerns;
  • Strong interpersonal and supervisory skills;
  • Excellent communication skills - both verbal and written;
  • Valid Florida driver's license;
  • Ability to understand and work with student issues and concerns in order to facilitate student engagement opportunities college-wide.


The essential job functions and responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying, coordinating, and implementing college-wide student engagement for a diverse student population that enriches the learning experience, fosters inclusion and engagement, encourages civic engagement, provides leadership development opportunities, and supports student success;
  • Initiating and overseeing the daily activities of the Student Engagement & Leadership Department;
  • Working collaboratively with various College departments and the Student Engagement & Leadership staff to create and develop, new and innovative programs designed to help students connect, get involved, lead, and succeed at IRSC and beyond;
  • Serving on College committees;
  • Managing the allocated Student Activities & Services Fee Budget;
  • Coordinating and advising the Campus Coalition Government as well as all student groups and organizations including intramurals;
  • Assisting with the development of promotional materials, flyers, and posters for student engagement opportunities college-wide;
  • Traveling with student groups and organizations as assigned;
  • Managing the budget requests and expenditures of all student clubs/organizations;
  • Recruiting, training and assisting faculty advisors and club members in meeting the responsibilities of student organizations to produce quality programs and campus activities;
  • Supervising office staff and work study students responsible for assisting with daily office assignments and events.


The specific duties and responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning, coordinating, administering, and monitoring student engagement initiatives which include but are not limited to: social, seasonal (Holiday), recreational, educational, leadership development, virtual, and civic engagement activities;
  • Overseeing and supervising the Student Engagement & Leadership staff to include their daily activities, performance appraisals, training, professional development, etc;
  • Coordinating and completing purchasing procedures to include budget maintenance of all student activities including student club/organization accounts;
  • Serving on various College committees as assigned;
  • Working collaboratively with other College departments;
  • Traveling with student groups and representing the College at meetings and organizations, including local, regional, state and national levels;
  • Coordinating annual award(s) banquets;
  • Ensuring the development of student life programs/activities that further the college's fundamental commitments to diversity and inclusion;
  • Assisting in developing student engagement opportunities for online students;
  • Assisting with the development and updates of the Student Engagement & Leadership webpages;
  • Assisting with the development and updates of the IRSC Student Engagement & Leadership social media pages; Producing a monthly report and updating the Strategic Planning on Line (SPOL) information as assigned;
  • Updating and maintaining the CCG Clubs and Organizations Handbook;
  • Completing other duties and assuming other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


This position requires an ability to sit, stand, walk, bend, lift, reach up, stoop, and carry items occasionally in access of twenty (20) pounds. The ability to stand or sit for extended periods of time is also required. It also requires manual dexterity to operate standard office machines, such as, copier, fax, calculator, telephone, and other equipment as necessary. IRSC expects its employees to follow proper safety standards while employed by the College.

ClassificationStaffSupervisoryNoFLSA ExemptYesEmployment TypeRegularCompensation and Application Deadline"Salary Commensurate With Experience" | Review of Applicants will Begin January 23, 2023 | Open until filled |