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Hours Full-time
Location Avalon, Wisconsin

About this job


  • Train, manage and coach Branch Operations Managers personnel in proper trailer repair and maintenance. This includes:
    • Establishing R&M standards for labor and parts.
    • Cost expectations and standards overall and per branch.
    • Standard operating procedures and R&M intervals.
    • Safety procedures
    • Trailer inspection procedures to be sure all needed R&M is discovered and performed on time.
    • Ensuring that each branch performs all processes the same way. This part is critical to the future success of Stoughton Rental and Lease.
  • Garage Vendor Management: including training, managing, and coaching Branch Operations Managers to do the following.  
    • Select and build relationships with preferred vendors.
    • Negotiate rates and any other arrangements (parts, transportation, repair priority).
    • Build relationships with selected garage vendors at each branch. This also includes tracking vendor performance and establishing vendor service level agreements to ensure proper, timely and cost-effective R&M work.
  • Track and continuously improve performance in the above areas.


Measurements include but are not limited to:

  • Equipment up and ready to go (Readiness Factor)
  • Maintenance and Repair (M&R) costs on an overall and per trailer basis.
  • Return on M&R investments (equipment)
  • Safety – ensuring each Branch Operations Manager is following all safety procedures.
    • Example: using the rolling stairs at the branch
  • Internal and external customer service.