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in North Metro, GA

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Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location North Metro, Georgia

About this job


Core Responsibilites and Essential Functions

  • Equipment
    * Demonstrates the ability to adjust technique so that patient receives the lowest possible dose of ionizing radiation and that image quality is maintained.
    * Reports problems regarding malfunctioning equipment to supervisor or service provider, so that problem can be corrected in a timely manner.
    * Cleans, disinfects and maintains equipment in accordance with infection control policy and department schedule.
    * Ability to operate all aspects of the system.
    * Ability to operate all radiographic equipment in a safe and competent manner. Assuring that equipment is not abused and is left in good working order.
  • Patient Care
    * Obtains complete clinical history, gathers examination data and assesses for contraindicating conditions.
    * Follows established procedures for the administration of contrast medias so that no patient condition deteriorates, and no patient suffers undue pain, due to error or poor technique if applicable.
    * Ensures that all studies have proper patient identification and right and left marker are utilized appropriately.
    * Reviews radiographic images for clinically acceptable results and releases patients.
    * Responds to emergency situations and provides for the restocking of the crash cart and maintenance of life support equipment if applicable.
    * Assists other technologists in all modalities when needed if applicable.
    * Observes patient condition and properly evaluates situations when physician intervention is necessary so that no patient condition deteriorates as the result of misjudgment.
    * Verifies two unique patient identifiers and correct clinical order prior to performing a procedure per policy.
    * Ensures patient's privacy and comfort is accommodated.
    * Demonstrates competence in the determination and application of appropriate procedures, equipment, supplies and techniques based on the age of patients.
    * Organizes schedule, time and priorities so that required activities are accomplished within designated time frames.
    * Uses critical thinking skills.
    * Asks clarifying questions.
    * Seeks clarification on ambiguous orders.
    * Understands, demonstrates and documents preprocedural verification and Time Out process when appropriate if applicable.
    * Demonstrates and understands pre-and-post procedural care.
    * Preps the patient for the procedure.
    * Demonstrates and understands sterile technique if applicable.
    * Maintains competency with venipuncture, where applicable.
  • Education and Communication
    * Patiently and clearly explains purpose and nature of exam to patient prior to starting of procedure, to minimize anxiety and facilitate cooperation using AIDET; Acknowledge, Introduce, Discuss, Explain, and Thank you of all patients and family members.
    * Ensures that patient's questions, concerns or contraindications are satisfactorily addressed, notifying physician when this cannot be accomplished, prior to the initiation of the procedure.
    * Participates in the orientation and training of departmental employees.
    * Provides patients with preparatory instruction and explanation of procedures.
    * Required documentation is concise, legible and includes precise terminology.
    * Reads email each day scheduled to work and follows through with assignment.
    * Completes mandatory departmental and Hospital-wide education without prompting.
  • Quality Control
    * Consistently produces high quality images including appropriate collimation, shielding, technique selection, penetration and positioning.
    * Ensures that equipment is fully operational prior to each use, by checking for proper calibration and operating deficiencies.
    * Sends all studies to PACS; prints CD?s as necessary. All exams are complete in RIS including image oriented, marked, labeled, and notes are accurate.
    * Studies that have been transmitted after hours by teleradiography are printed and scanned into PACS, if applicable.
    * Checks for prior exams and assures that they are loaded, if necessary, and properly labeled prior to sending to PACS.
  • Operations
    * Restocks linens and supplies, and maintains Diagnostic Imaging Services in clean and orderly condition.
    * Transports patients, positions patients, and helps them on and off procedure table.
    * Performs patient charging activities on the day the service is rendered.
    * Applies shielding, supportive and immobilization devices and equipment.
    * Willingly lends knowledge and assistance to others upon request as needed and routinely as time is available, without prompting, so that all working time is used for departmental advantage.
    * Performs routine duties of clerical and support personnel in accordance with procedure when warranted to
    * ensure continuity and quality of services.
    * Keeps supervisor informed on all responsibilities on an ongoing basis, ensuring prompt notification in the event of problems or potential problems.
    * Maintains an individual productivity rate equal to other co-workers.
    * Maintains Joint Commission and any other regulatory agency standards.
    * Ability to transfer / retrieve images on the PACS system.
    * Takes call when necessary.
    * Any other duties as assigned.

Required for All Jobs

  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Complies with all WellStar Health System policies, standards of work, and code of conduct.



Required Minimum Education

  • Graduate of an AMA approved School of Radiologic Technology. Required

Required Minimum Experience

Required Minimum Skills

Required Minimum License(s) and Certification(s)

  • ARRT Radiography Required
  • Basic Life Support Required
  • BLS - Instructor Required
  • BLS - Provisional Required

Additional Licenses and Certifications