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in Harrisonburg, VA

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Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location Harrisonburg, Virginia

About this job

A Wabo Ambassador will promote the use of our Stainless Steel Wabos.

Wabo is a story-telling company. We do this through water bottles.

Our job responsibilities are simple: show off your Wabo. We'll send you a bottle at half the price and we want you to make it your own and show it off. This means carry it with you everywhere and if people ask give them your unique code. That doesn't mean shoving your Wabo in people's faces and throwing your code at them, but what it does mean is always having your Wabo with you, in class, at the gym, at practice, at meetings, etc. This way people notice. And hey if you want to invite people with your code, more bucks for you.

To make the real money, we offer custom bottles. On the side of each bottle it says [Place stickers here]. We can remove that and place the logo of any club, frat, sorority, organization, etc. With a custom order of 50 or 100 bottles, 10% adds up!

This will be a rewarding experience and we want you to get the most out of it. This means we'll be looking out for you if you look out for us.

We are looking for highly motivated determined individuals looking to change the world. We already know you're cool if you're looking for a job on WayUp so we have that covered.

We're looking for an undergraduate or graduate student - doesn't matter what year. You get as much out of this job as you put into it. We expect each ambassador to put in at least 2-4 hours each week but the highest efforts will be rewarded.

If photography is your hobby and you have some great skills, that is a major plus and will score you some more cash.

We require one official promo activity for the semester. Just one. This could be anything from writing an article for your school newspaper or having an event on campus.